How to manage invoice in order management in Prestashop?

Learn how to manage invoice in order management in the PrestaShop platform with a few steps.

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Now, we are going to learn about how to order and invoice management is used in PrestaShop.

How to manage invoice in order management in PrestaShop?

Each and every moment an order from your shop is proved and an invoice is sent away to the purchaser. You can download the invoices for a particular order from the order page.

The “Invoices” page below the “Orders” menu makes it possible for you to download a selection of invoices from precedent orders in PDF format, each and everyone at the same time (in the same PDF file).

How to manage invoice in order management in Prestashop?

You can get a PDF file having numerous invoices depending on two major criteria:

They are:

  • By Date
  • By Order Status

By Date: It is extremely helpful in case when you want to print all invoices for a particular month or a particular quarter. Choose the start and end date, and click on the “Generate PDF file by date” button in the top bar.

By Order Status: When you need to print correctly which orders are canceled, refunded, or on backorder, then by order status is required compulsorily. PrestaShop sportively shows the number of invoices attached to each status in parentheses.

In the above two cases, the invoices are created into a single PDF file, each one with its individual pages. You cannot obtain a single PDF file for every invoice for a particular period or status using this page.

If you wish to modify the look of your store’s invoices, you must alter its template files.

PDF template files are situated in the /PDF folder. Open the invoice.tpl file and correct it to your linking: Actually, it is an HTML file with Smarty tags.

Invoice Options

You can decide whether invoices should present to your customers as quickly as the order is ready, as well as the Invoice Prefix and the invoice number you want is scheduled on the printed report of the invoice. This characteristic can help you to manage things easier on your account.

How to manage invoice management in Prestashop?

The invoices options are;

  1. Enable Invoices
  2. Enable Tax Breakdown
  3. Enable Product Image
  4. Invoice Prefix
  5. Invoice Number
  6. Legal Free Text
  7. Footer Text
  8. Invoice Model
  9. Use the disk as a cache for PDF invoices

Enable invoices: Your customer will not get an invoice after their purchase if the invoices are disabled. If your customers ask you about it, then you will be in charge of managing the invoices.

Enable tax breakdown: It is new in 1.6. The invoice will list all the various taxes that were applied to the order, as a substitute of just one percentage, when the tax breakdown is enabled.

Enable product image: It is new in 1.6.1. The invoice will add the product’s image after the product name in the invoice when the product image is enabled.

Invoice prefix: PrestaShop has language-personalized invoice prefixes by default: “IN” in English, “FA” in French (for “facture”), and “CU” in Spanish (for “cuenta”), etc. You could pick language codes as an alternative: “EN”, “FR”, “SP”, etc. Of course, you can choose a single prefix for each language, or get a prefix at all.
PrestaShop will then create the invoices number according to your settings, PrestaShop invoice number will be created: “#IN000001”, “#FA000002”, etc.

Invoice number: You can use this choice to start your invoice number from a superior number If your business has already had orders and invoices before you started using PrestaShop.

Legal free text: It is new in The legal free text field lets you include a few additional contents to the invoice, in case of your local legislation, it is required to show added information. On the invoice, it will come into view below the payment methods summary. Of course, it can be used to free text to display any text you consider compulsory.

Footer text: You can apply this footer text to have a custom text at the bottom of every one of your invoices. The text will be shown under the name of your shop in the invoice.

Invoice model: You may be able to make use of an additional style of the invoice, depending on your themes. Check them with a false order, in order to choose the one you have a preference for.

You can add your own invoice models or edit the existing ones if you know how to code in HTML. They are situated in the /PDF/ folder of your PrestaShop system.

Use the disk as a cache for PDF invoices: You can select to store created invoices on PrestaShop’s server disk somewhat than in its server cache. While it is saved on the handling of memory, it slows down the PDF generation itself, so make use of it consciously.

Save your changes immediately.

When your customers ask for their product details, then you can redirect them to their “Order History” section of their customer accounts and get all of their details.

That’s it !! If you have any doubts or if you feel any difficulty about using invoice management in PrestaShop.

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