How to manage shipping in PrestaShop

In this article, we will know how to manage shipping in PrestaShop.

Managing Shipping:

An important element that leads to the success of your store is the way how you select to shipping your products to the management. You have to account for the huge range of available methods which are able to mix carriers, regional and international taxes, the weight of the package and the product price itself. Fortunately, PrestaShop composes it in a trouble-free manner for you to grip it all in just a small number of screens.

A shipping price of the products is essentially calculated by means of either of two methods:

  • The Total order price
  • The Total order weight

With the help of these two methods only the majority carriers were calculating their fees for shipping, it is the reason you will be supposed to fill-in the weight setting when generating a product in the catalog, and also be required to point out the per-weight and per-price costs for every carrier in the “Carriers” page.

PrestaShop calculated the price for shipping according to a classification of whichever weight ranges or price ranges. This arrangement will be the one for work or the some other of these varieties of range.

The shipping settings work directly with the local settings of your PrestaShop installation. At the same time as in PrestaShop 1.4, a quantity of these settings is also found in the “Shipping” menu. While version 1.5 every local setting were passed to a new menu, names “Localization”. That is the place you will be able to edit and modify the geographical zones, countries, currencies, etc. Consequently, make sure to cover a serious look at the “Localization” menu. That is the clear details will be given in the upcoming chapter of this guide, “Understanding Local Settings”. For Example, If you want to generate a whole total carrier in Prestashop, then you should have some undoubtedly defined your geographical zones previously; and it is made in the “Zones” page below the “Localization” menu.

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