How to Manage Suppliers in Prestashop

Managing Suppliers

If you have already provided you with the manufacturers directly, then you have the option to supplier register the distributors. This depends on your needs, but if your product provider is not a product manufacturer, you must ensure that both are registered on your computer and should be associated with each product.

In Wcomm, a supplier company offers you with a product.

Even if you sell your own products, you should at least need to make your company supplier.

Like the manufacturers, your site’s viewers can quickly access the supplier’s products. This makes them easier to move your site. Based on the look, these fields will improve your status in search engines.

Tap on an “Add new supplier”, and creation form shown.

Complete all the fields:

Name: Mark the supplier’s name to simplify your visitor’s searches.

Description: Add a more complicated description of your supplier and their activity and products.

You can describe their specialties and support the quality of their products. The supplier’s description will be displayed in your shop.

Address fields (phone, address, zip code, city, state and country): The “state” field appears only to the countries concerned

Logo: Requiring the supplier logo: Leading customers’ eyes and they believe in the seller / business as much as they believe in your stores.

  1. The Meta title: When a customer makes a request, the title appears in search engines
  2. Meta description: A presentation of your site in a few lines, intended to capture customer’s choice. It will appear in search results
  3. Meta Keywords: Words you define for your site by search engines. You must enter a number of commands, separated by commas, as well as expressions and quote.
  4. Enable: You may disable a supplier temporarily. This will only be removed from the list of front-end providers of your store.

Save your changes in order to return to suppliers list. From there, you can:

  • Click on a supplier’s name or logo and get all the products associated with it. If there is no one, use the “Associations” tab on the left side of each of the products from the “Products” page under the “Catalog” menu, and you must work on every product basis.
  • The same result can be achieved by clicking on the display icon on the right.
  • Disable the provider by clicking on the green check. Once turned off, a red “X mark appears in its place: Click to enable Supplier again.
  • Edit / Delete supplier by clicking on the respective buttons on the right side of the queue






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