How does Magento 2 supports Marketing tools

Many specialists call this Magento 2 is the leading e-Commerce platform. The things that make up Magento 2 will change differently and play today’s largest market, which is perfect for the web store, especially integrated with powerful marketing features. Are you interested in Magento 2 marketing tools? With Webnexs support, we will clear your mind about it.

What marketing features that Magento 2 offers?

Magento 2 will help you manage the below mentioned things:

  • Promotion
  • Communications
  • SEO & Search
  • User Content

And all of the marketing tools are shown in the marketing menu:

The marketing option offers access tools for the following :


  • Form catalog and cart price rules that prompt discounts based on various conditions
  • Set up promotions that spring in to action when it comes to required conditions


  • Customize all the notifications sent from your store.
  • Form newsletters and publish RSS feeds.

SEO & Search

  • Analyze search terms to find items in the store manage Meta data and create a site map.
  • Use redirects to manage URL changes and skip the disconnected links.

User content

  • Leverage user-generated product reviews to create a sense of community, and increase sales..

With many powerful marketing tools, Magento 2 is the best solution for every online store. Follow our Magento 2 drills to enhance all 2 marketing features in your stores






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