How To Modify The Email Templates in Magento 2?

Learn how could one Magento store owner can modify the email templates in Magento 2 here.

This is good when you start your own Magento 2 website and get a lot of orders later. But what’s next? You need to contact your customers, and as usual, email is the most popular channel.

It provides the default email template for each section of the body sent via the Magento 2 system. But in every situation, they should not be suitable for your shop, so you have to modify email templates for every website, store, or store view.

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Upgrade the system configuration after creating a personalized template, so that the custom template is used instead of the default. Here, we will explain how shop owners modify email templates in Magento 2.

How to modify Email Templates in Magento 2?

In Magento 2, the Body Content Email Template combines header and footer templates to create a full message. The content is designed with HTML and CSS and can be easily edited and customized by adding variables and frontend applications.

Besides, default templates include your logo, and store information can also be used without further customization. In good practice, however, you have to visit each template and make any necessary changes before sending them to the customers.

Here are the following steps which help to modify the Email Templates in Magento 2:

Step 1: Load the Default Magento 2 email templates

  • In the admin sidebar, go to Marketing>Communication>Email Templates.
  • Click Add new template. In the Template list, select the message template that you want to modify then click Load template.

Step 2: Complete the Template Information

  • After go to the Email templates tab, you must fill in all the following information below:

Step 3: Modify the template content

  • In the Template Content box, customize the HTML as required (When working on the template code, be careful not to overwrite anything that’s covered in double braces).
  • To add a variable, place the cursor in the code where you need the variable to display and click insert variable.
  • Then, select the variable that you need to add. When a variable is chosen, a markup tag for the variable is added to the code.
  • In addition to store content variables, the list contains client account URL, customer email, and customer name.
  • However, you are not limited to the variables in this list. You can type the code for any system or custom variable into the template.
  • If you want to create any CSS declarations, type the styles in the Template Style Box.
  • When you are prepared to review your work, click Preview Template. Then, make adjustments to the template as required.
  • After complete, click Save Template

Step 4: Update the Configuration

After modifying Email templates, they are auto-saved to the email templates list. To build them, you only want to do the following as usual. For this example, the template is placed in the Design/Email section. And you only want to get the Email template field in the form and select the new template that you formed.

I hope the following steps help you to modify the Email Templates in Magento 2.

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