How to modify welcome message in Magento 2?

Here we’re going to discuss how to modify the welcome message in Magento 2 in a few steps.

The welcome message is shown on the top right of the title, including the name of the customer after they are logged in. However, with the viewer who does not log into your store, “Default welcome msg” will automatically show up via Magento 2; this default message cannot be changed.

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Therefore, you should ensure that this welcome message should be very attractive and noticeable.

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Magento 2 configuration permits changing the welcome message easily with the following information:

To modify the welcome message in Magento 2

Magento 2

  • On the Admin sidebar, navigate to Stores>Setting>Configuration

Magento 2 or above

  • On the Admin sidebar, select Content > Design > Configuration > Select your item
  • Select the store view you want to modify the welcome message
  • Below Action Column, open the Edit mode
  • Scroll down and enlarge the header section. Then, type the welcome text that you want to show.
  • After completed. Save config
  • When prompted to modernize the page cache, select the cache management link at the top of the workspace. Then follow the instructions to refresh the cache.

I hope the above had greatly helped you in the concerns with Magento 2.

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