How to monitor your catalog in Prestashop

Monitoring your Catalog Management

The “Monitoring” page lists the sections of your store in which you need to pay more attention in order to handle your list and ensure that nothing is out of control.

  • List of empty categories: Provides you with a variety of products that are not available. You need to delete these blank categories, or fill them with at least one product. Customers stop finding themselves in a blank section of your shop.
  • List of products with elements and without available quantities for sale: The products are no longer for sale and give you. If you do not see any good reason why they are not for sale, then put them back online
  • List of products without elements and without available quantities for sale: Likewise, the products that do not sell are offered to you. Find a reason why, or raise them again.
  • List of disabled products: Offers you the Products that are disabled in the store and that aren’t noticeable to your customers. Consider either permitting them (after recovering them) or erase them from your list.

The “Monitoring” page should be verified regularly in order to develop your catalog management.





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