How to optimize your SEO using Google Sitemap in PrestaShop

Optimizing your SEO using Google sitemap in prestashop:

Now, we are going to see how to optimize your SEO using Google Sitemap in PrestaShop.

Google Sitemap:

To construct a sitemap for your shop this module will assist you, and just maintain it up to date.

If you want to optimize your SEO, then Google Sitemap is a necessary one, which is an XML file that contains all the products and pages in your shop. This file will allow search engines to index all pages effortlessly and professionally. After doing these things only your products will become visible completely in the search engines, during a guest performs a search. Now, you will be able to produce a sitemap for Prestashop, and be indexed by all the search engines that hold the file format (Google, Yahoo, Bing…), with some tools such as Google’s Webmaster Tools.

The configuration page has some choices: which show how often your store (with the catalog and the CMS page) is restructured on normal, make sure the boxes of the page you do not want to comprise in the sitemap, and then select the “Generate Sitemap” button.

Get on to “Update Sitemap file”, on one occasion if you have completed configuring the module. Then you will be provided with the sitemap’s address (For Example., In your Google Webmaster Tools account, just copy and save this URL to it. The file size and the total number of pages indexed will be displayed to you in this module. Please don’t forget to update it often, hence that search engines will index your content flawlessly.

At last, the final part of the configuration page offers you a cron link. A superior sitemap is an updated one, and if not you are willing to click on the “Update Sitemap File” button each and every time, there is an alteration on your shop, if you want to have your server then do the effort for you. Form a cron task with the specified URL, and never get worried about this over again.

Just ask over your web host, if you don’t know what is a cron task is.

That’s all, this is all about the way to optimize your SEO using Google Sitemap in native marketing module in prestashop. For further information or any queries then don’t hesitate to contact us.





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