How to Override REST Authentication in Magento 2 platform?

Learn how to override the REST API authentication in Magento 2 platform in a few steps here:

Nowadays’s REST authentication API become well-known in Magento 2. To send a request to REST requires a resource to give permission to access data or process a logic code.

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Override REST authentication in Magento 2 platform

Here, I will show you how to override REST authentication, so you can create your custom authentication.

  • Create a di.xml file :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

 <config xmlns:xsi=""


   <preference for="Magento\Webapi\Controller\Rest" type="Webnexs\Training\Controller\Rest"/>

  • After that, create a file to handle the rewrite.

 namespace Webnexs\Training\Controller;

 use Magento\Framework\Exception\AuthorizationException;

 use Magento\Framework\Webapi\Rest\Request as RestRequest;

 use Magento\Framework\Webapi\Rest\Response as RestResponse; use Magento\Framework\Webapi\Rest\Response\FieldsFilter;

 use Magento\Webapi\Controller\Rest\Router;

 class Rest extends \Magento\Webapi\Controller\Rest


   protected function checkPermissions()





Write the code to check the //Todo.

After that refresh the cache to make it work.

I hope that the above mention guideline helps you to override the REST authentication in the Magento platform.

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Override REST authentication in Magento 2






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