How to permit admin login Captcha in Magento 2

In this article , I will explain the following steps to help you how to permit admin login captcha in Magento 2

By including captcha needs to the Admin signin and forgot password page aids enhance your store security to the next level. The captcha number will be able to reload boundlessly when consumers tap on the Reload icon.

In the earlier topic, I explain you about how to enable customer login or register Captcha in Magento 2. Here I will continue to explain you how to enable admin login Captcha in Magento 2.

To configure an Admin CAPTCHA:

  • On the Admin panel, select Stores. In the Settings section, choose Configuration.
  • Choose Admin under Advanced in the panel on the left
  • open the CAPTCHA section, and go on with the following


How to Enable Admin Login Captcha

  • In the Enable CAPTCHA on admin field, choose “Yes” to allow CAPTCHA on Admin
  • In the Font field, choose the default LinLibertine name of the Font to be used for the CAPTCHA signs.
  • In the Forms field, choose any one of the following forms ,where CAPTCHA is to be used
    • Admin Login
    • Admin Forgot Password
  • In the Displaying Mode, select one of the following
    • Always
    • After number of attempts to login
  • In the Number of failed Attempts to Login field, enter the number of failed attempts to login before captcha appears. If you type Zero, the Captcha will be always obtainable
  • In the CAPTCHA Timeout (minutes) field, type the number of minutes before the CAPTCHA expires. When the CAPTCHA expires, the user must reload the page to produce a new CAPTCHA.
  • In the Number of Symbols field, type the range number of signs that CAPTCHA will be altered in, for example: 3-7. The maximum number of symbols is eight.
  • In the Symbols Used in CAPTCHA field, specify the symbols that can be used in the CAPTCHA. Set only letters (a-z and A-Z), or number (0-9) to enter into the box. No spaces or other characters are allowed and the similar signs are not used in the default.
  • In the Case Sensitive field, choose Yes if you need that the consumer enters the uppercase and lowercase characters exactly as shown
  • After complete, tap  Save Config

I hope the following guidelines help you to permit admin login captcha in Magento 2.






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