How to prevent site certification and fraud in Prestashop

In this article , we will explain you how to prevent site certification & fraud module from Native Marketing Module in Prestashop

Site Certification & Fraud Prevention Blocks


FIA-Net is a French third party e-commerce trust partner: it protects both client and online stores against credit card frauds and against other malicious activities.

To use block you already have an FIA-Net account. You can ask one here: https: // P = 185

Then, set up the module with your login, your password and the block with your site ID, and finally choose to use the product mode or volume. You must specify the global business type of your store.

In addition, the type of business of each of your categories, the carrier type of each of your carriers, and the type of your default carrier.

Once the settings are set up, the FIA-Net logo will be displayed on your homepage and ensure your orders are not fraudulent by FIA-Net.

Prestashop security

Prestashop Security is a service offered by prestashop in order to protect the security of your store beside fake payment.

If you do not have an account, you can create a block directly: fill in the first field with your email, and secondly if your shop has the right URL, click “Create account”. You must accept the terms and conditions of the block.

If you already have an account, change the top selector to the entire configuration form shown. Fill many fields with the exact details of your store with your shop ID and store KEY (provided by prestashop security).

Once the settings are set, the volumes will be analyzed to ensure that no orders are fraudulent.


Riskified is a turnkey fraud avoidance solution that estimates, assures, and confirms your orders





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