How to Set Customer Address management in Prestashop

By selecting on the “Addresses” page, you will have entrance to the list of your customer’s addresses (home, work, etc.). You can alter them using the “Edit” button, or erase them totally.

Under the addresses table is the “Set required fields for this section” button. It opens a form where you can specify if a database field is essential or not by verifying the appropriate boxes: this way, you can make it so fields such as “company” or “phone number” are compulsory when a customer is registering a new address on your store.

Adding a new address

You have the option to create new addresses for a customer with the “Add new address” button. This opens a kind of kind of imagination you can imagine.

Some field, however, need special concern:

Customer email: This field is necessary: if you are including an address for a presented customer, you MUST identify this customer using her/his email address. Otherwise, Wcomm will not know who to allocate this address to.

Identification number: The national ID card number of this person, or a unique tax identification number. This field is of course optional.

Note: the field’s title provides a singular hint: “DNI / NIF / NIE”. The following are Spanish Initialism:

  • DNI – “Documento Nacional de Identidad”
  • NIF -“Número de Identificación Fiscal”
  • NIE – “Número de Identidad/Identificación de Extranjero”.

Address alias: A small description, in order to aids the customer select the right address: “Home”, “Office”, “Aunt Beth’s”, etc.

Company: The name of the customer’s company, if desirable.

VAT number: The VAT identification number for the customer (or the customer’s company).

Other: Some additional information that may be useful to the shipment.





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