How to set password options for customers in Magento 2?

Learn how to set password option for customers in Magento 2 in a few steps in this piece of content.

Password is a private key that you can use to access accounts in your store but forgetting the password for the record can be forgotten. With Magento 2 Platform, you can set password options for these customers to assist you in simply retrieving passwords.

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set the password option for customers in Magento 2

From the backend, you can set the email template including the forgotten e-mail, and remix the password recovery link email. Password retrievers are dependent on your architecture by customers or store administrators

Observe the below instruction to know what you require to do:

Set password options for customers

  • In the Admin panel, go to Stores>Settings>Configuration.
  • On the left panel, under the Customers tab, select Customer Configuration.
  • Open the Password Options section

Set password option for customers in Magento 2

  • Select the Forgot Email Template that is sent to customers if they get their password forgotten.
  • Now choose the Remind Email Template that contains the password hint to send to the customers.
  • Then select the Reset password Template that is sent to the customers accompanied by a link for the rest password.
  • Select the password Email Sender whose name will show on the forgotten and remind email notifications.
  • Set the expiration of the password recovery link in the Recovery Link Expiration field.
  • Allow only store admin to change customer password when selecting Yes for requiring admin user to change the user password.
  • After completion, save the config.

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Set password option in Magento 2






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