How to Setup Refer Email to a Friend in Magento 2?

In this tutorial, we will explain to you how to Setup Refer Email to a Friend in Magento 2.

Email a Friend link shows together with an envelope icon directly on the product page for the simple way. Did you know? Customers can navigate email to a friend page by clicking on the link, and then they have to complete all the information of the emails.

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Also, you may set the limit of the sharing product to one hour and the number of recipients per email to avoid the spam of various recipients.

When you save more money than other ads, email is a great way to enable traffic to your ecommerce store. Besides, your products will be more reliable in the marketplace if they are shared by customers.

Setup Refer Email a Friend in Magento 2

  • You may navigate to the Admin Panel, select Stores, then tap Settings, and choose Configuration.
  • You may navigate to the left panel, then tap on Catalog, then choose Email to a Friend.
  • Then open the Email Templates section,
  • To apply the email template, you may select yes in the Enable field.
  • As you need, you can choose the Email Template from the dropdown. Yes, the default email template is now enabled.
  • You may set the Max Recipient to the maximum number of friends who are on the delivery list of an email.
  • Then by the single sender in 1 hour, you might set the Max Products Sent in 1 Hour to the maximum number of goods allotted by email to friends.
  • In the Limit Sending By field, You may notice the sender of the email in 2 ways:
  • IP Address: the address number of the computer.
  • Cookies: by browser cookies, you may calculate the times of sending an email. But because the sender may remove the cookie before sending it, it is not safe.
  • After complete, Save Config.

Send an email to a friend In Magento

  • Click the email a Friend link on the product page.
  • The login information is required if you are not logged in
  • If you don’t have an account on your eCommerce store, then you have to create a new account.
  • Then enter the Name and Email of the sender.
  • Enter the Name and Email of the invitee. Tap the Add Invitee button if you send it to more friends at the same time.
  • If completed, you can send an Email.

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