What are the Types of Magento 2 Reports available in 2022?

Here are some methods which observe the types of Magento 2 reports.

  1. Sales Report
  2. Marketing Report
  3. Review Reports
  4. Customer Reports
  5. Product Reports

Magento has special tools that manually show the Reports of the business rank for users. This post will give you detailed information about types of Magento 2 Reports.

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Types of Magento 2 reports exploring in 2022

Sales Reports

Sales Report gives you skills to get the report in the Order, Tax, Invoiced, Shipping, Refunds, Coupons, and PayPal settlement. It is a most important type of reports

  • Manage sales Reports in Magento 2

Marketing Reports

Marketing Report provide information about the status of the shopping carts, use of search term and newsletters transmissions. They also include product in cart, search term, abandoned carts and newsletter problem.

Now we go detail in each of these topics:

The products in cart Report offers all information of the products be added to shopping carts such as the name and price of each product, the number of carts with the item, and number of times each product is added.

The Search Terms Report displays you all the items customers searching for in each store view or websites. The report includes the number of matching item found in the catalog and how many times the search tag has been used.

The Abandoned Cart Report anyone’s who have abandoned cart that have not yet expired will be listed in here. The customer name and Email address, the number of products in the cart and subtotal, the date created and the date last update will be containing in the report.

The Newsletter Problem Report includes name of each subscribes, and queue date and subject, the information about the error. It shows the information about any newsletter queue that fails to transmit successfully.

The above mentioned are the marketing reports, each one has its own benefits. From the following reports you can know the marketing strategy is and find the way to improve it.

Review Reports

Magento 2 Review Reports provide you the reports about the reviews by the customer and the product. The review report by customer lists the all customer who has submitted review and also the link to each review. The review report by product lists all products that have been reviewed and the link to the review list for each product.

Customer Reports

Magento 2 customer report is the important report. It also includes Order Count, OrderTotal and New

Magento Product Reports

Magento 2 Product Report contain product views, Number of Product Order, Bestsellers, Stock lower, Number of Downloads

  • The Product view Report displays you a product name, price and number of product views.
  • Bestseller reports include top 5 best-selling.
  • The low stock report lists all products in the stock level.
  • The ordered product shows you all product names and the order quality
  • The Download product lists all downloads of each product

I hope, the above guidelines help you to know everything about the 5 types of Magento Reports.

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