How to use Analytics and Stats in Native Marketing Modules in Prestashop

Analytics and stats in Prestashop

Here, this article will show you how does Analytics and stats, Best manufacturers, Google Analytics and prestastats are used in prestashop.

Analytics and stats:

First of all, form a fresh section in the “Stats” page of your Prestashop installation. Several pages are installed by default. Consequently, you can stop them in this place, if a quantity of prestashop statistics are not functional to you. Make a note of that stats are too resource-consuming tools, so if your server is deliberate or has tiny disk space, then you must border your stats options to the exposed fundamentals.

Most of those modules are explained in some point in the “Understanding Statistics” of the user-direct. In this part, we should only portray the someone’s that are not allowed by default(i.e, from the 25 sections, two modules are selected).

Best Manufacturer’s:

This type of module include a “Best Manufacturers” choice from the catalog of existing statistics.

In result, when the module is enabled then you can have an improved representation of which maker’s product are the most selling on your shop.

During revisit, you may need to  add some restock frequently with the poducts from the great producers.

Google Analytics (Ganalytics):

Google Analytics module compose it simple for you to establish a Google Analytics Script on your shop. Then you can able to take pleasure in the statistics tools given by Google.

To formulate this module work, you should have a Google Analytics account.

In the following link, you can able to generate one on:

When you created an account, then go after the Analytics instructions to generate a profile for your shop. After that you will get a distinctive identifier. You can utilize it in the module’s “Username” field and then keep it. Google Analytics will be able to establish and assemble the statistics about your guests.

Then, just read every instructions offered by the module.


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By the above procedure, you can be able to know about how does Analytics and stats, Best manufacturers, Google Analytics and prestastats are used in prestashop. For further information contact us.





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