Kiosk Machine in Ride-hailing business

A Kiosk machine is a self-standing machine with a touch screen to assist the people who are in need of service. In the Ride-hailing business, the company used to provide kiosk machines in places where people in need of their services like a taxi. A taxi booking process can be through a kiosk machine available in places like airports or hotels. 

The Ride-hailing kiosk machine is used by the traveler who is willing to go for sightseeing, meeting, etc. The kiosk machines are built with a touch screen display.

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How to use the kiosk for booking a taxi?

Login: The customer needs to log in to the kiosk machine available at the airport etc. The login can be done either through mobile number or through E-mail ID.

Creating a profile: The customer needs to create a profile with their general details which can be used for the future purpose.

Entering pickup and drop location: The customer needs to enter the pick and drop location in the kiosk machine.

Entering the current contact details: The current contact details like mobile number should be given in the kiosk machine

Sending Request: After filing the above details the customer can give request which can be accepted by the drivers inside that geo-fenced location.

Uses of a kiosk in Ride-hailing business

Increase customer base: Using the kiosk machine at places like the airport, the ride-hailing company can acquire new customers for their business.

Brand awareness: Using the kiosk business, will create brand awareness among the people who pass by that machine. This will eventually lead to the creation of a new customer base. 

Increase Profitability and business transparency: By using the kiosk machine the ride-hailing business can gain an increase in its profits. It can also help to run the business with greater transparency.

Advertising in idle time: The kiosk machine can be used as an advertising tool at the idle time when the company can run its advertisement on the screen when it is not in use.

Multiple payment methods: The kiosk machine contains multiple payment methods for the transactions. Customers can either pay in cash or pay it in advance to increase the chance of availability of the vehicle. In the kiosk machine, the company even allows third-party applications for the transaction.

Technical monitoring: The customer can monitor the functionality of the kiosk in real-time. If there are any issues the customers will be notified either through SMS/E-mail.

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Suitable sites for placing kiosk:

  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Railway stations
  • Bus stations
  • Hospitals 

Technologies used by kiosk:

Touch Screen: The kiosk machine is running in the touch screen display which provides a user-friendly experience and eliminates the hardware like an external keyboard

GPS: The machine is enabled with GPS Technology for location sharing where the company uses Geo-fencing technology to send the customers to request to the driver is available in that geofencing area.

QR code/OTP Generator: The kiosk machine will be having a QR code/OTP generator for the identification and the payment methods.

Emergency module: The kiosk machine will be provided with an emergency module for the use of the customer in case of any uncertain happenings like delay in the arrival of the vehicle through SMS/E-mail.


The usage of the kiosk machine in the Ride-hailing business will enhance the streamline of the business and increase the customer base. This machine has also been used for advertising and promotion of the brand among potential customers.

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