Kiosk Machine: Recent Era of Competitive Advantage

A kiosk is a small, standalone structure which has been placed in the highly crowded areas for business purposes. It is used to provide information regarding certain areas like education. It has been invented to prevent queue and self-access over certain things.

The Kiosk machine can be manned or unmanned either digital or non-digital. The kiosk machine attracts the crowd and helps to run the business in a profitable way.

How Kiosk helps your Business:

Extend customer base: Considering the placement of kiosk in strategic locations, will help to reach and gain potential customers. This will eventually increase the sales at low cost.

Enhance customer experience: The kiosk machine will help the customer to get their desired service at ease. The kiosk has been designed to provide information about the product or service and it’s considered to be convenient for the customers to inquire about the details like product price.

Minimize Cost: Instead of using manpower interactive, kiosk can be used at a sales location to axe the salary cost incurred. The kiosk can provide a better solution to the customer’s issue and improve the sales ratio. By using kiosk the company can cut down their rent expenses.

Helps to Minimize the time: The kiosk can be used to minimise the time taken for the desired service. If the shop contains both the manpower and kiosk for billing it minimize the time, which will give a positive response from the customers and increase their visiting frequency.

Assists Brand and Promotion: The kiosk will help to improve and assist the branding and promotion of the company. The company customize their kiosk outer appearance like designs which denote their corporate image such as a logo.

Types of Kiosk

Touch Screen Kiosk: This kiosk will be having a touch screen interface along with highly advanced software for easy access. It has been used in the highly crowded places like retail or consumer industry.

Internet Kiosk: This kiosk will provide internet access to the public along with payment hardware like swipe machines to provide convenient payment alternatives for customers. It has been mostly placed in airports and hotels.

Photo Kiosk: The photo kiosk is a pure software product designed for photo orders only which can be used to print order copies. It has been mostly used in instant print stations, movie and transport ticketing, etc.

Interactive Kiosk: The interactive kiosk is mainly use to interact with customers to provide information regarding their queries. The most famously used interactive kiosk are:

  • Self-service kiosk: The self-service kiosk is a kiosk which has been designed to use by the customers itself for easy use and prevent queue. It has been used by industries like healthcare, education, etc.
  • Directory/Information Kiosk: The directory or information kiosk provides information and direct the customers towards the requested location or place. It is mostly placed in large areas like malls, theme parks, etc.
  • Promotion Kiosk: This kiosk is used for promotional activities like advertising done by the company to increase its customer base. It has been placed in highly crowded areas.


The kiosk has been starting to find his place in almost every industry. This innovative experience proves that it would provide an assured increase in the customer base at a minimal cost. The companies are clearly not hesitating to spend on their “New Age of Competitive Advantage”

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