Magento-2.3.3 release & highlights

Magento 2.3.3 Release Notes: Important Releases & Highlights

Magento 2.3.3 release offers essential updates and changes in the platform, security, and payment methods. The new version includes more than 170 functional fixes to the core platform and 75 enhancements for security. Magento has approved and implemented over 200 contributions to the latest version. These include minor core code fixes and significant improvements in Management and GraphQL.

Magento 2.3.3 release date

The release announcement has widespread reach within the community and has become an important topic for all developers and other Magento experts to discuss.

Important notice

First, you check Magento 2.3.3, whether it was upgraded to the pre-release version 2.3.2-p1 earlier. If yes, it recommends upgrading to 2.3.2-p2 as early as possible if not upgrading to 2.3.3 as that patch did not include critical security fixes.

Other updates that come with the new release are Page Builder, Inventory Management, and Progressive Web Application are perceived independent ones and released separately.

Magento 2.3.3 new features & updates

enhanced SECURITY FOR more sustainability

The main enhancements are,

  • Make core payment methods comply with PSD2
  • 75 important security fixes
  • Critical enhancements in platform security with XSS protection (cross-site scripting).

PSD2 regulations compliance

Payment Services Directive (PSD) regulations have been applied in the EU. Especially when the updated version PSD2 officially launched on September 14th, 2019, Magento has taken some action accordingly with core payment methods. Specifically, most payment processing involves credit cards or bank transfers. 

Braintree payment method is now compliant with PSD2: Braintree transactions are currently verified by native Braintree 3D Secure 2.0 can be verified by 3D Secure through the cardholder authentication request field provided by a third-party service provider as CardinalCommerce. You may have to seek extensions to help with the 3D Secure verification.

Security & core code fixes

There are 75 security enhancements that are related to XSS (cross-site scripting and Remote Code Execution) vulnerabilities.

Upgrades to the core platform

These upgrades focus on boosting platform security and supporting to comply with PCI:

  • Magento 2.3.3 supports PHP 7.3.x and PHP 7.2.x
  • Magento 2.3.3 supports Varnish 6.2.0
  • Upgrade Zend Framework 2 components to the Active/LTS versions

Performance boosts

Now we can turn off the automatic URL rewrite generation by default when the category is saved. Improve store front loading speed by placing unnecessary CSS elements at the page bottom. Refactor the jQuery/UI library into widgets, so only needed core modules will be loaded when necessary. Display text in readable system fonts on store pages to increase page loading speed

Enhancements in infrastructure

Improvements are included in the core platform and some modules: Catalog, Sales, Checkout, UrlRewrite, Customer, and UI. The WYSIWYG editor is upgraded to TinyMCE v. 4.9.5

Improvements in merchant tool

The tracking of user actions and admin events has been introduced to improve the admin user experience. Whenever you upgrade to Magento 2.3.3 and allow Adobe to collect data from Admin activity, it will be sent to Adobe Analytics for further analysis and reports thus getting you some Improvements in Inventory Management


Magento expanded GraphQL features and enhanced coverage for PayPal, gift card functionalities, store credit, mutations, and queries to support:

  • The ability of guest users to apply or remove gift cards or check their gift card balance on shopping carts
  • Payment process through PayPal Express, Payflow Pro, Link Express and Braintree.
  • The ability of logged-in customers to convert gift cards to store credit
  • Ability to add configurable products to carts

PWA Studio

Included new hooks in Peregrine in PWA Studio 4.0.0. You can read  PWA studio releases for more details

Google Shopping ads Channel

Included the Google Shopping ads Channel extension as a bundled extension. 

Magento Shipping

  • Improved batch-order processing, carrier integration, a preview of shipping methods and checkout
  • Bundled products and prepackaged options.

Vendor-developed extension enhancements

Several extensions built by some third-party vendors included in Magento 2.3.3:

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is compliant with the directive PSD2 for the UK and Germany. 

Dot digital

  • Enhances the Product catalog sync for bundled and custom products.
  • Improvements in communications for cart abandonment.


  • Store admins can turn off the sending of customer data.
  • Supports any B2B transactions in selective markets.
  • Supports PayBright.


  • Vertex Flexible Fields’ support is available.
  • Ability to add custom fields to the Vertex connector


Integrated the Yotpo user-generated content management platform with Magento admin. 

What’s fixed in Magento 2.3.3

In Magento 2.3.3, about 200 bugs fix that focus mostly on cart & checkout, catalog, payment methods, UI, other general bug fixes, clean code, and performance improvement.

Wait for Magento 2.3.4 Release

It’s exciting and curious about what is new in the upcoming Magento update 2.3.4?

Let’s wait and feel free to discuss this with our Magento migration experts.


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