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Magento 2.3 new release and features has pledged to improve Magento in multiple ways including security, scalability, and performance.

magento 2.3 features

Here Are Some Key Features In Magento 2.3

Progressive Web App (PWA)

PWA is the latest frontend technology which a web app that uses modern web capabilities to bring an app-like experience to users. It works like webpage but can work offline, use a camera and get push notifications.

Progressive web apps include tools and libraries such as webpack, ReactJs, Redux, GraphQL, that will support to personalize content and local preferences, rapid prototyping, helpful debugging and improve productivity.

GraphQL Language

GraphQL API language is the data query language and also biggest moves in Magento 2.3. It permits you to request data when you require it and also make lesser API requests.

It permits development tools and hence, make GraphQL a flexible and effective approach. This results in faster quicker times even on slow network connections than the traditional APIs of Magento 2.

Declarative Database Schema

DB Schema, permitting developers to define database structures and modifies in XML files, instead of defining with install scripts. So it is simple to roll back a module to an earlier version. This helps to decrease bugs, makes development simple and faster and enchances performance.

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Asynchronous And Bulk Web API

In the updated version of Magento, the API request queues up and executes the request before it. This means it will take time to process responses. The larger the number of changes and requests, the longer time it will take for the response.

But the asynchronous API makes it easy to run multiple API requests at the same time. This implies that when making the calls, integrations won’t need to wait for requests to be completed. The asynchronous API enhances the performance of integrations that need lots of API calls. It is useful for large websites that have bulk API requests. They can simply make bulk requests without having to wait for a response from the server.

Elasticsearch Updates

Magento is enlarging support for ElasticSearch from Magento Commerce to Magento Open Source. It offers a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents. It helps to improve the speed and relevance of your online store search results.

PHP 7.2

Latest version in PHP 7.2, Magento 2.3 can help from all the features that PHP It will enhance security, better performance, and access to the latest PHP features for developers.

Multi Source Inventory (MSI)

The new Magento 2.3 will have a multi-source inventory (MSI) feature that will allow you to manage inventory from different sources for order fulfillment.  This is useful if you stock your online store items in different warehouses. Also, you can reserve inventory with the aid of a new table structure in the database.

Page Builder

Magento 2.3 page builder is fully functional and features a media gallery and widgets so that these assets can simply be integrated within your pages. Page Builder can also be used to build your own dynamic content block that can be used throughout the site, and with staging and preview functionality, content can be scheduled to go live as and when required.

Cache-Management ACL

Magento has enhanced the advanced caching feature, and it now suggests more options to tweak and manage the store cache. In this 2.3 release, several new options are added to this module such as advanced cache permission and access controls.

These are some major features you can watch out for in Magento 2.3. If you have any queries, contact our Magento development team.







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