Magento 2 Architecture: In What Way It Is Better Than The Magento 1.9?

We’d like to get you informed that How is Magento 2 architecture better than Magento 1.9 in this blog below.

Magento is an open-source eCommerce engine in use. Magento is a feature-rich platform with high flexibility. It attributes powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and other tools within it. It allows customers to create websites based on their business requirements needs.

Our dedicated Magento team supports managing your platform to succeed in your business. Do you wonder if you know how Magento 2 architecture is better than Magento 1.9?

There are 3 different modes in Magento 2. They are Developer, Default, and Production but in Magento 1.9 the modes will not be there.

Magento 2 architecture is compatible with Platforms like Oracle, MSSQL. And Magento 2.0 supports HTML whereas Magento 1.9 does not. Magento 2.0 uses composer for managing dependencies but Magento 1.9 had no such facility. 

Magento 1.x is with Zend Framework whereas Magento 2 architecture comes with the Magento framework like Symfony. It has Varnish 4 support built-in. The varnish is another technology in Magento 1.9.

To achieve all this, migrate your current Magento 1x site to a new improved Magento 2x version. For that, you need to get a proper guideline from a
Magento 2 migration service provider.

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Is Magento 2 architecture is better than Magento 1.9?


Yes! Magento 2 architecture supports some following technologies but Magento 1.9 can’t, 

  • NodeJS, Knockout Js
  • CSS preprocessor – LESS
  • JavaScript Task Runner – Grunt
  • M2 framework – Composition of Zend Framework
  • Bootstrap composer
  • Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) & SHIM
  • PHP Standard Recommendations (PSR)
  • PHP 5.5 to 7 [Traits, ]
  • Redis – Key-Value Cache Storage Engine
  • Varnish 4.0 HTTP accelerator
  • CSS3 and HTML5
  • Xdebug – Debugger and Profiler Tool for PHP
  • Command Line Tool
  • Reflection, Interception, PHPUnit, and symphony.


Customers always need a speedy website. Magento 2 is easier and faster to manage products. Magento 2 stores are easier to buy from on any screen resolution.


It provides previews for all site changes made in the Admin Panel. Then the better search results, and responsive design to cater to the needs of mobile users.

Easy to learn

Magento 2 architecture has a drag and drop functionality for orders, customers, and products. The Latest of editing and creating products is also easy to import or export products for sale.

Magento 2 makes the developers explore new opportunities for customization.

Full-page caching

Slow-page loading issue affects many Magento 1 user’s visitor retention and conversion rates. To fix this issue, Magento 2 comes with the full-page caching for faster rendering the site’s pages.

Higher performance and scalability

Magento 2 architecture performs better than Magento 1 and with high speed. Indexing is the main strategy that transforms merchant store data into performance.

Creating and updating index tables will improve the performance of the store. Besides, Magento 2 uses varnish cache, an HTTP accelerator technology to cache requests.

Magento 2 performance

Magento 2 optimizes web pages for faster delivery of the site’s content. It increases server response times for all website activities of your store. This will improve the efficiency and flexibility of backend operations. So it can enhance database flexibility and scalability to handle peak loads.

Well improved checkout process

The checkout process is important for any eCommerce website. It determines whether you make sales or not. This is one reason why many users abandon their shopping carts.

Ecommerce websites like Walmart, Amazon are reports to have high abandonment cart rate. (i.e)69.23% is their online shopping cart abandonment rate.



Shoppers abandon baskets for several reasons, such as:

  • The checkout process is very slow to load
  • There are only a few payment options,
  • Forced to create an account to view products and
  • There are only a few shipping options.
But here the Magento 2 architecture comes with an improved 2-step checkout process instead of the six-step. Those two steps are shipping and review & payments.

It also offers a dynamic shipping rate – shown according to the country, region, or postcode. You can integrate your payment method into the checkout in Magento 2.

Mobile Friendly

Some years ago, we do browsing only on the computer. But today, we can browse on various devices such as tablets, laptops, and other gadgets. The truth is 80% of internet users own a smartphone.

62% of smartphone users have made a buy online using their mobile devices now a day. Magento 2 is mobile friendly with responsive designs, themes, and checkout. With it, we can create eCommerce websites.

Magento 2 mobile friendly

It is easy to use apps that will increase our conversation rate and make the business grow in no time. Magento 2 admin panel is touch-screen friendly and easy to manage your store. You can do it with your mobile phones making your website appealing and easy to navigate.

Easy to upgrade

If a customer runs an eCommerce store, he needs a platform that could upgrade as easy as the Magento 2. It is easy to upgrade. It is better if we improve the platform’s security patches whenever necessary.

Such upgrades help to improve the eCommerce experience of customers. If we focus on the customer’s shopping experience, it will improve sales. Regular updates also mean experiencing new and exciting features.


If new versions are about to release, the developers can try to add new features and improve old ones. All these benefits are available in Magento 2.

A lot of key integrations

Magento 2 allows integrations of useful extensions. It serves you as a medium to carry out important activities in your eCommerce stores. Also improves the features and the functionalities of your web store.

Many customers are using them to run their eCommerce stores. It allows you to customize and personalize your store. The Magento 2 extensions include payment gateways like PayPal, Braintree.

Instant  Buy

The instant buy feature helps customers to place orders. Whenever a customer visits a website to make purchases and if they click on the instant buy button. They are likely to deflect to a confirmation page where they can place their order.
Magento 2 instant buy

The instant buy uses all credit cards, PayPal, etc for stored payment information. It is good for mobile shopping as it makes it easy to place orders.

It also helps the customers can place orders without following checkout processes. An online study revealed that 88.6% of Americans have gone for impulsive online shopping. This means your business will grow to scale.

Email marketing automation

One of the latest features in  Magento 2.2 is email marketing automation. It allows us to create campaigns in a few minutes. You can create automated campaigns through SMS, Push, email, and other channels.

And also you can manage all the transactional emails for your Magento stores. Magento’s toolset is easy to use and convenient.

Advanced reporting

Magento 2 architecture

Reporting is very important for any success in the eCommerce business. Magento 2 new advanced reporting features provide 20 reports through its web interface. Thus, this feature gives you an insight into three critical areas. 

1. Orders (the number of orders, AOV and taxes, and shipping fees collect), 

2. Customers (the number of registered accounts) and 

3. Products (number of products orders and which product sells best). 

This feature gives you better management in the eCommerce business.


Magento 2 has better architecture than Magento 1.9. With improved performance and higher scalability, Magento 2 proves its ability.

So why still staying in Magento 1.x version? Try to move your Magento 1 store to today, because it is better to migrate to Magento 2.

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