Magento 2 Extensions for Ultimate Products and Varieties

The Magento 2 extension is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms, with many merchants preferring it because of the large number of products it can handle.

This article aims to explain “how to manage products in Magento 2.” So, if you’re wondering what the various product types in Magento 2 are, keep reading.

Product Management in the Magento 2 Extension

The product grid is the first thing you’ll have to deal with in your Magento 2 store. The product list is presented in a table with a limited number of possible modifications. The default grid is neither informative nor optimized.

How do you make simple or configurable products? Navigate to Catalog > Products, click Add Product, and select the appropriate product type.

  • Product Search allows you to look for products based on a keyword.
  • The Actions select box allows you to make mass changes to selected products.
  • Product Selector allows you to select all products simultaneously or on the page rather than manually checking them in the grid.
  • Product Grid, which displays information about the products.
  • By clicking the “Add Product” button, you can choose the product you want to make.
  • Product Filters generate a list of products based on specific characteristics.
  • Grid of Products Columns are the product attributes added to the grid.

Magento 2 Product Types

  1. Simple Product
  2. Configurable Product
  3. Grouped Product
  4. Bundle Product
  5. Downloadable Product
  6. Virtual Product

1. Simple Product

In Magento 2, what exactly is a simple product?

Simple Products are the most common Magento 2 product type. It is a physical product with a distinct SKU and weight. The simple product has no variations for customers to choose from except for the quantity.

As a result, it is most commonly sold in conjunction with other Magento 2 product types.

2. Configurable Product

In Magento 2, what is a configurable product?

A configurable product comprises several simple items that the product can customize in size, color, material, and weight. A unique SKU is generated for each simple product, making inventory management simple.

Configurable products are the most popular and widely used in Magento because they enable customers to choose from a wide range of options and merchants to provide a diverse catalog.

3. Grouped Product

What exactly is a grouped product in Magento 2?

A Grouped Product is a Magento 2 product made up of several simple or virtual products that products can purchase together or separately. Surprisingly, because each child’s development has its price, grouped products do not have one.

This product has no customizable options other than Quantity, which determines the product’s price.

Usually, grouped products are used in sales and promotions to entice customers to buy related products and save money.

4. Bundle Product

What exactly is a bundle product in Magento 2?

As the name suggests, a bundle product is a collection of products sold together. This Magento product category includes virtual and straightforward products with customizable options. As a result, customers can design their products by selecting various product options such as size, weight, price, etc.

In contrast to a grouped product, customers can select different product variations in a bundle, but they cannot exclude any items.

5. Downloadable Product

In Magento 2, what is a downloadable product?

In Magento 2, a downloadable product is a product that products can download. It is a digital product that includes software, applications, music files, videos, eBooks, etc. You can provide free samples for the actual product when creating downloadable products in Magento.

6. Virtual Product

What exactly is a virtual product in Magento 2?

A virtual product is a non-tangible product that does not have a physical form and cannot be seen. Virtual products cannot be downloaded, shipped, or delivered because they do not have a physical presence.

It is usually in a membership, subscription, service, or warranty.


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By following these explanations and examples, we hope you will identify 6 product types in Magento 2 and use them to create appropriate items based on business strategies.


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