Magento 2 migration - The development process

Magento 2 Migration – The Development Process

Magento 2 migration process is now the talk of half of the Magento store owners. Now, the Magento team officially announced its withdrawal of support for Magento 1x from June 2020.

Hence, it’s clear that the stores which rely on the Magento 1x won’t receive security updates and features. Those store owners who fail to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 will struggle in attaining peak performance. 

So don’t wait until it’s too late! Take the next step to Migrate your store now. 

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Technically, Magento developers made many changes in the code structure. It includes the change in the database and file structure. So, the new version of Magento has new coding standards and the syntax of XML layout files.

Even in some cases, it is required to build a new store from scratch and then migrate the database.

Ecommerce and Customization are the two inseparable things in this modern era. Such customization process involves the followings steps:

  1. Build new frontend
  2. Look into third-party modules
  3. Rewrite custom functionalities
  4. Migrate data from the database (continuous migration)
  5. Launch/switch to a new store

Magento 2 migration process is a complex process and it requires utmost focus to the details. In frontend development, you can alter the old one or implement the new design.

And all the custom functionalities can be copied to the new database, but they need to be customized to some extent. Database migration is carried out easily by using some useful tools.

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Preparing for the Magento 2 migration process involves two major steps:

  • Plan the whole Magento 2 migration process – Define an exact deadline for every step.
  • Environment consideration – Consider a dedicated server and specify the PHP and database version.
  • Plan the theme and module structure.



New frontend Process

Mostly a fresh start of Magento 2 installation requires New frontend. Start with a fresh Magento 2 installation. Then create a new theme or it allows you to use the Luma theme.

But mostly inherit from a blank theme with the basic styles and scripts. There is another advantage that is there to list(i.e. You can use a lot of files, scripts, and styles from the previous store).

Then copy them and use them in the new templates and views.

Custom functionalities Process

As everyone knows, the custom code has to be rewritten. Functional customization is the tedious part of the Magento 2 migration process. 

If possible, you can copy the old code and move it to the Magento 2. But in most cases, copying the old code will be a little problematic. 

Note: Don’t edit the core code, just keep all those custom functionalities in the module structure.

Third-party Magento 1 modules 

Since the release of Magento 2, most of the Magento 1 modules either won’t suit or work with the Magento 2 store. Therefore, the first and foremost step could be looking for the same vendor who offers a similar module for Magento 2.

But be careful in choosing the modules, because the same vendor and name of the module don’t mean the module works well the same as before.

There are three possibilities for getting the right module for your store:

  • Skip that particular module for now, and run the store without it.
  • Look for the same module from a different vendor.
  • This option may be time-consuming and require a lot of resources. Develop and implement the required module on your own. 

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