Magento 2 Open-Source Features

A complete list of Magento 2 Open-Source Features

What are we actually going to see in this blog? Curious to know what? Nothing but a complete list of Magento 2 open-source features list.

Magento has become the go-to e-commerce platform for thousands of online retailers, and While Magento 1 was jam-packed with features, the makers of Magento have outdone themselves with Magento 2, which was released in 2015.

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The popular tool was rebuilt from scratch for the second version. It offers many exclusive features that were not present in the earlier version.

Now, Magento 2 is available in two editions:

  • Magento 2 Open Source – It’s the free version and is ideal for all small and medium e-commerce sellers.
  • And, Magento Commerce 2 – It’s the enterprise version also aimed at large corporate that necessary extensive management support and business knowledge.

Magento 2 Open-Source Features: A complete list

Marketing and Conversion Tools

  • Up-sell, cross-sell, and group related products
  • Several images for every product, zoom-into, and swatches for a closer product view
  • Shows stock availability
  • Select  products to wish list
  • Promotional pricing with flexible coupons for products, categories, customer groups of the store
  • Upload coupon codes to email newsletters and social media channels.
  • Track coupon usage
  • Multi-tier pricing based on product quantities and discounts
  • Support for MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)
  • Free shipping options
  • Customizable product category for different landing pages
  • Shows recently viewed items, similar products, and new items
  • Shopping cart for non-purchased items of the customer’s next visit
  • Email newsletters design and distribution
  • Links to email, Facebook, and Twitter for sharing products

SEO Features

  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Complete control over URL rewrites
  • Generate a Google sitemap automatically
  • Create metadata for pages, categories, and products

Site Management Features

  • Control multiple e-commerce stores from a single admin panel
  • Define varying roles, permissions to access the admin panel
  • Integrated Content Management System to create, edit pages and publish content
  • Wide variety of customizable site templates
  • Support for multiple currencies and languages, various tax rates based on product type, customer group, and location.
  • Integration between Magento 2 and other third-party applications
  • CAPTCHA functionality, prevent fake logins
  • Batch export and import of product catalogs and customer information

Catalog Management Features

  • Display single, bundled, grouped, configurable and virtual products
  • Unlimited product attributes
  • Predefined attribute sets that make it easy to create products
  • Enhanced support for inventory management, automated inventory notifications
  • Customize out-of-stock messages
  • Set minimum and maximum product quantities that can be added to the cart
  • Automatic resizing of product images, watermarking
  • Moderate product reviews
  • Advanced pricing like special pricing, tiered pricing, customer group pricing, and more
  • Allows personalization of products in the store

Checkout, Payment, and Shipping Features

  • One-page checkout, guest/registered user checkout
  • Multiple shipping addresses for one order
  • SSL security support
  • Save shopping cart, save credit card for offline shopping
  • Multiple PayPal gateways, PayPal credit
  • Accept money orders, checks, and purchase orders for payment
  • More payment options with Magento Connect
  • Real-time shipping rates from leading couriers, flat-rate shipping, select shipping method based on destination
  • Offer on-site order tracking for customers

Order Management Features

  • Enhanced order management right from the admin panel
  • Multiple invoices, split fulfillment, credit memos, etc
  • Print packing slips, invoices, shipping labels
  • Email notifications and RSS feeds for order status
  • The customer service team can create orders, update shopping carts at the request of customers

Customer Accounts and Customer Service Features

  • Comprehensive account dashboard
  • Default billing/shipping address, unlimited addresses the in address book
  • Check order history, current order status, recently ordered items, and more
  • Manage newsletter subscriptions
  • Create a shareable wish list
  • View submitted product reviews and product tags
  • Contact us form, feature-rich customer accounts

International Support Features

  • Support for multiple currencies, multiple languages, various local taxes, localization, accented characters, text from right to left, product translations in six languages (German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and Chinese)
  • Configure the list of countries for shipping, billing
  • Support for fixed product taxes like the DEEE/WEEE, VAT-ID 2 in the EU,
  • EU cookie notification

Analytics and Reporting Features

  • Support for Google Analytics
  • Access a wide variety of reports from the admin dashboard – sales reports, abandoned shopping cart reports, low stock report, best-selling product report, most viewed products reports, tax reports, coupon usage reports, and more

Mobile Commerce Features

  • Responsive, mobile-friendly design
  • e-commerce site optimized for all devices

10 Exciting Features of Magento 2 Open-Source

  1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Magento 2 comes with the Magento PWA Studio that makes it easy to design your e-commerce store as a progressive web app. The Magento PWA Studio offers faster loading time, quick accessibility to your e-commerce store even in poor network conditions, offline mode, responsiveness, app-like appearance, faster loading times, engaging experience, and several other benefits.

  1. Drag-and-Drop Functions to Create and Design Web Pages

Magento 2 is integrated with BlueFoot CMS and Page Builder, making it easy for e-commerce store owners to create and customize web pages even without any coding skills. You can now design pages with simple drag-and-drop functions. It’s effortless to use compared to the WYSIWYG editor available in Magento 1.

  1. Enhanced Payments Module

Magento 2 is integrated with Klarna enhances the shopping experience. Instant checkouts, easy returns, options for the customer to divide the payment are some benefits offered by Klarna Magento integration.

  1. Sync your Inventory and Store with Amazon

Though you may have a stand-alone e-commerce store, online retailers cannot afford to ignore Amazon. In 2018, That’s nearly half the market share. By integrating your online store with Amazon, you can leverage the extensive experience of the e-commerce giant.

  1. Instant Purchase

It makes it easy for returning customers to reduce the time taken to check out. Fields are auto-filled using information saved in the customer account. The instant purchase button shows below the “add to cart” option in separate product pages.

  1. Mobile-friendly Shopping Experience

Magento 2 helps you create an e-commerce store that provides an optimal viewing experience across devices – mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, and more. It makes use of responsive designs that provide shoppers with an engaging and seamless shopping experience, irrespective of the device they are using.

  1. Feature-rich Admin Dashboard

Magento 2 provides e-commerce sellers with a modern and intuitive and feature-rich user interface. You can monitor all aspects of your online retail business – sales, order, inventory, invoices, customer service, and more, right from the dashboard.

  1. Asynchronous API for Faster and Better Customer Experience

Magento 2 comes with an asynchronous API that minimizes the server time for responses significantly. It enhances the user shopping experience, especially when you have a substantial e-commerce store with hundreds of products.

  1. Support for Elasticsearch

Magento 2 fulfills one of the long-pending requests of e-commerce sellers by integrating Elasticsearch with this version. Accuracy, scalable, intuitive and Elasticsearch enrich the user product search experience significantly, offering fast and improved results.

  1. Two-Factor Authentication

Magento 2 improves security further by introducing two-factor authentication. Apart from the login ID and password, users will have to verify their ID via an OTP sent to their mobile, email, or phone call

Are you ready to move over to Magento with all list open-source features?

Magento 2 caters to the needs of all – developers, admins, and customers. Migrating to a new e-commerce platform is a daunting task. It involves the change of the underlying database structure, themes, and working with new APIs.

So, make sure that you hire expert providers to ease the process and reduce the time taken

Finally, a word of advice

Make sure to choose a provider that has experience in your product niche to simplify the migration process. To give an example, if you’re an online jewelry seller, then make sure to choose a piece of jewelry as they are likely to have prior experience working with a store that is similar to yours. It is crucial as it helps to reduce the time taken for migration and reduces the possibility of errors.

Magento 2 offers a future-ready e-commerce platform. Transform your online store with Magento 2 and boost your online sales and increase revenues.

Take a time to contact our Magento development expert to more about the Magento 2 open source developmental process.


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