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Best Facebook live-streaming extension for Magento to boost sales in 2022

How Magento Facebook live-streaming extension to boost eCommerce sales to the ultimate extent, go all the way.

Live-streaming eCommerce involves using live media to sell products and services. All the eCommerce website owners are eager to find the best way to leverage live-streaming to boost sales.

Nowadays, live-streaming bridges the gap between eCommerce shoppers and vendors. A fully integrated, live-streaming platform can ensure the accessibility and coverage of online shoppers.

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First of all, every eCommerce website is promoting products or brands by posing them live on any social platform like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as part of their product promotion or brand awareness.

Overview of the Facebook user base

Why use Facebook for eCommerce marketing? Because Facebook is the largest social platform with a dense purchase capacity, with 2.74 billion monthly active users.  

How social media impacts eCommerce purchase?

There’s another better way to increase eCommerce sales other than social media. People are nowadays doing much more than scrolling newsfeeds and sharing posts. They find social media a great platform to interact with the product they’re looking for and get one-on-one customer engagement as similar as they experience in an eCommerce website.

Surprisingly, more and more sales are made through social media as it creates complete brand awareness on top of the consumer’s mind.

All set! But how eCommerce sites are carrying it and making it happen? 

Top-rated Magento 2 Facebook live extension in 2022

Facebook live-streaming extension for Magento 2

There will be many advantages if a merchant uses the Facebook live-streaming extension for Magento 2. Streaming your product’s video live brings many new customers into the store and draw customers’ attention. 

One of the easiest ways is to leverage Facebook Livestream for Magento 2 platform. Nowadays, going live on Facebook is the best tool to visually interact with your site’s products and various details about the products.

Attracting them visually will help them to make a purchase plan on the spot.

Features of the Facebook live-streaming extension

  • Get your CMS page done to go live 
  • Comes with multiple view modes like MP4 and theatre
  • Can set thumbnail of your choice in waiting mode
  • Enables scheduling streaming session at any given from your Magento backend 
  • Comment synchronization feature shows all comments of Livestream viewers from Facebook and the website
  • Pre-display of product list that is introduced in the live videos
  • Show streaming related notification popups
  • View performance and analytics report of live-streaming 
  • Both customers and guests can add comments 
  • Claim the coupon quickly to place orders
  • Allow customers to add products to the cart during live-streaming directly

Why Magento 2 Facebook Live-streaming extension is the new method of selling?

Setup live easily

To have Facebook live streams on your Magento website, all you need to do is login into the Facebook id and token key. 

Buy products quickly with a live stream

You can set up a live stream for a live audience to boost eCommerce site sales during the live videos.

Comment synchronization 

Not just with live-streaming, comments also have the upper hand in shopping. Hence, comment synchronization helps the vendor know the users to show their interests and opinions over the comment section.

Magento Facebook live-streaming extension – Q&As

When should I use Facebook live-streaming extension?

You could use Facebook live-streaming to better virtual research of new products and help you make purchase decisions.

How accessible is it to use Facebook?

Let be frank, and this Facebook integration is a very user-accessible and admin-friendly interface.

Are there any features in the next version of the extension?

Yeah, there would be a sure version of this Facebook live-streaming extension to improve users’ shopping experience.

Final words

The above Magento 2 Facebook extension for plays a pivotal role in maximizing the eCommerce marketplace sales to a whole new level. Magento’s Facebook live-streaming is becoming more popular, with various excellent functionalities and the most compatible extension that the Magento community ever developed.

As social media drives many customers to any eCommerce store, it is essential to integrate this extension, which turns out to be an effective sales generating solution in attaining the heights in developing eCommerce marketplace websites.

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