Why to go for Magento 2 b2b ecommerce?

Why is Magento 2 Great For B2B Ecommerce In 2022?

Learn why and how Magento 2 is great for B2B eCommerce solutions for online businesses.

The time has come that nobody can deny the role of eCommerce websites in making the life of shoppers easier. Now eCommerce is in making many business opportunities for business owners for reaching out even to distant places on the globe. So the B2B eCommerce is in line with the trend opportunity provided by the eCommerce world.

magento for b2b ecommerce

Although the B2B eCommerce market is sort of new, it’s a really promising future as estimated by the experts. In 2021 Forrester said, B2B eCommerce will grow its value twice the worth of the B2C market, and that’s an enormous share.

B2B business model follows a different approach than B2C model

Since the B2B market has a really promising future, it’s an undeniable fact that competition during this segment is additionally the toughest. So, the primary question that involves our mind during this situation is simple. It is purely regarding choosing the simplest eCommerce platform for facilitating a hassle-free B2B business at the end of the day.

Magento for B2B Ecommerce

B2B websites are quite different from regular eCommerce sites, and that they possess quite complex functionalities for facilitating a hassle-free system at end of the day. If not chosen wisely, it’ll certainly be an excellent challenge to shift to the other solution. Because it involves numerous direct participants in the least levels – Business to Business(B2B) level also as Business to Customers(B2C) level.

Magento was originally originated as a B2C platform then gradually, it had been evolved to satisfy the B2B functionalities. Later, the Magento 2 platform has complex B2B features that make it an ideal tool to even compete against B2B specific platforms. 

Let’s remove some vital features of Magento for B2B eCommerce and determine how it’s a wise choice for B2B websites.

Reasons why the Magento 2 is the best platform for B2B model

Magento fits for the B2B model because of multiple reasons.

Extensive Flexibility for personalization

Magento 2 possesses a high affinity for customizable features. Being an Open source platform and built on a really popular PHP programming language. It’s a good base of Magento professionals who can work to customize it in some ways. This solid base of Magento experts makes the Magento platform an ideal option for B2B specific developments.

Magento 2 B2B is relatively economical than other platforms

Magento is relatively less costly when it involves leveraging its implementation cost and Enterprise license. Other enterprise-level B2B solutions like IBM and Oracle begin at much more expensive than Magento for B2B solutions. 

Moreover, thanks to a huge base of Magento developers, freelancers, and Magento development companies for an honest bargain power to the Magento services seekers.

Numerous already developed Magento 2 B2B solutions

Now, it’s known that Magento may be a master of an enormous community of users, developers, freelancers, and business owners, third party Magento developers are always ready with pre-developed solutions to form the customization quick, and fewer expensive. 

For instance, a Magento multi-vendor marketplace extension may be a third party Magento 2 extension that converts a Magento store into a marketplace site. This is often an ideal example to elucidate that the majority of the advanced B2B features can be achieved in Magento without going for personalization services. 

You’ll always find most of the Magento 2 extensions and install them to increase the functionalities in minutes.

The complex system of the B2B business market

The B2B market also consists of wholesalers and manufacturing companies that need a more complex and advanced system. The system includes individual and group discounts, location, and tire-oriented rates, prices supported sales volume, etc. 

This massive flexibility within the system can’t be handled by an easy eCommerce platform. Therefore, Magento for B2b eCommerce fits the simplest here for its reliability. Because it provides wide flexibility to make a decision on the pricing supported by these factors. It’s an ideal platform to handle the business from the Wholesale and Manufacturer market.

Order fulfillment in B2B websites

Magento possesses a robust order management system that permits the admin to trace every order during a single view. Clicking on each order show detailed information including order status, payment information, pending payment details, pending order details, processed orders, and far more. 

The invoicing system is additionally highly flexible, and you’ll send invoices to your customers from the rear end order management interface itself. On, the entire Magento for B2B gives you the control and adaptability to showcase a really strong and error-free B2B experience to your customers.

Final words

Anyway, the Magento 2 B2B eCommerce business takes anyone close to the future who choose it as their online eCommerce platform. For this, you’ll need a tool by your side that will support your business at the end of the day. Magento for B2B may be a solution that’s worth listening to.


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