Magento marketplace extension – Commission management

Magento marketplace extension offers a commission management feature to assign probable commission rates to each vendor registered with the platform.

Assigning and setting up the commission rates wouldn’t be that tough hereafter. Our Magento marketplace made it even easier to set the commission rates with a few clicks.

With an advanced admin panel, store admin can set a fixed or percentage-based(at times) commission based on the seller profile, seller products, and assigned categories. Also, the admin can create the commission rule for the different product price ranges. 

Magento 2 marketplace extension – Commission management

Important note:

Commission rates that have been set up with the marketplace can either be fixed or percentage-based. 

Magento marketplace extension - commission management

Business impact of effective commission management

Every admin is an independent controller over the marketplace commission management. As an owner, you can alter the commission rates with complete freedom to set rates. Sometimes the commission rates can be more specific with respect to seller products, seller assigned categories, or set a global commission rate applying to all sellers of marketplace irrespective of their profile, product or category, or anything. 

For a better understanding, we’d give you an instance below here:

If a buyer shops a product from a seller for $100 and has a fixed commission type which is set as 20. Then the store admin gets $20 for the particular transaction Moreover if it is the percentage type of commission and if it is set as 20%, then the admin will get $20. 

This is how both the fixed and percentage-based commission rate works with the marketplace platform.

Add New Commission Rule

Store admin has an upper hand in setting commission rules for any products listed on the platform and defining the commission type as required.

Fixed Commission

Our marketplace extension enables the admin to set a commission rate as a fixed one based on the business need. 

Set Commission

This module allows setting commission for both products and categories together.

Category Commission

Using this marketplace extension, the admin can set commission rates based on the category. In fact, the admin can fix commissions for every category listed in the marketplace. 

Benefits of marketplace platform with better commission control by admin

For Store Admin

  • Store admin is free to set commission rates for seller products and categories 
  • Admin can now set the highest commission rates and lowest  – on popular and new categories
  • Commission rate setup is not limited – can be applied as fixed or percentage-based

For Marketplace Sellers

  • Admin can check for the individual seller’s product and apply a lower commission rate if the product category is new to the market or if the seller’s business is at the lower point. 
  • Also, the admin can fix a high commission rate if the particular seller doing good business or if his/her products are popular in the market.

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