School Bus Management System: The Booming Evolution in Ride-hailing Business

The school bus had played the most important part of the school days. Mostly, this was the first time when a child travelled alone in his life. But, nowadays parents afraid more because of the accident rates in almost all the cities. So, the ride-hailing companies are now having the School bus management system at service to reduce the panic of parents and increase their trust in the school bus travel.

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What is School Bus Management System?

School Bus Management System is a part of the ride-hailing business which has an application similar to Uber clones for tracking the school bus both by parents and school administration. it has the data of drivers and different routes taken for the student’s pick-up & drop location. It also deals with data like the school bus fees, student report, etc. This application uses GPS technology for sharing locations.

Travels Bus Management System: A Traditional method collaborating with Technology

How it is considered to be useful?

Time Management: This application will notify parents 15 minutes before the arrival of the bus. So, parents can get their child ready at the right time without any delay. This will also help to reduce the waiting time at the stop.

Security: The security system of the application is considered to be helpful and reliable while boarding the child. It contains technology video surveillance which has been given access to the school management for maintaining the safety of the ward.

Tracking: The parents and school management can track the vehicle’s movement in the built-in map on the application which brings transparency in the movement of the vehicle without any issues.

Support system: The company will be providing a support system like 24*7 customer service for reacting to the queries raised from the customer side.

Features of the application:

Live Notification: The customers are provided with live notification on the vehicle’s movement like arrival time and reached notification.

Video Surveillance: Every vehicle has been under video surveillance to ensure the students boarded were safe. These surveillance cameras will be installed both inside and outside the vehicle. The access was given to school administration.

Live Tracking: The customers are provided live tracking facility in the Built-in Maps of their application to track the vehicle using GPS.

SOS: The customers and drivers are provided with SOS button for any emergency needs. The SOS buttons will be having the emergency contacts where they will be notified if it is pressed.

Ride Assistance: The feature has been used by the customers to manage the boarding and deboarding of the students.

Help desk: The company will be providing the help desk for any queries regarding the service provided by the company and for handling any grievance issue from both customers and drivers side.

Applications Available for Users :

The company handles 4 types of application based on the user’s nature.

Parent’s Application: The Parent’s application has been designed for the usage of parents like notifications on arrival and reaching of vehicle, tracking, etc.

School’s Application: The school application has been designed to be used by the school management which has features like managing the student’s list, surveillance access, etc.

Driver’s Application: The driver’s application has been designed to use by the driver which contains route maps, stop and student details, etc.

Admin’s Application: In this application, the company will be having access over the operations of a vehicle and its service.


The school bus management system can be considered to be the best ideas on ride-hailing business which allow the child to enjoy their first journey without any compromise. This application also allows the parents to watch over their kids even when they are not physically available.

Do you think “School Bus Management System” is a feasible idea to bring better customer satisfaction over other Ride-hailing business?

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