Magento 2 Migration: The pros and cons of migrating to Magento 2

Let’s overview the pros and cons of Magento 2 migration in this blog.

Magento is the fastest eCommerce platform and always stay a forerunner. Magento attributes powerful marketing, search engine optimization, and other tools. Moreover, it gives customers to optimize the site for specific business needs.

We all know that the Magento 2 eCommerce platform is the best. It leads to providing merchants with a stunning shopping experience and flexible options. It is very reliable in controlling the product and customer data to ease your business.

Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 may seem difficult. But with some useful tips, you can migrate the Magento 1 site. Here we listed a few pros and cons of the Magento 2 migration process.



Our Magento team gives you full support in managing your platform at any time. To achieve success in your business it is high time to migrate your Magento site. It has some pros and cons that we may encounter with Magento 2 migration.

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Pros of Magento 2 migration


  1. Magento is very flexible and user-friendly with many improved performances. In Magento 2, the admin panel has got completely a new look and easy navigation.
  1. It provides support on payments, languages, pricing, currencies options. This setup makes it far superior to other platforms.
  2. It’s amazing speed and reliable support offers customers to achieve their goal. Be competitive among your business competitors.
  3. Magento is highly scalable with remarkable performances.  These are the main reason for its attraction to eCommerce. It gives good user- experiences on all devices with any screen resolution.

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Cons of Magento 2 migration


  1.  The community version is free and the enterprise version is somewhat expensive.
  2.  The new admin panel is a sophisticated one. So it may take some time for admin users to use it. But, Magento delivers only smooth support with dedicated hosting services.
  3. Installing a new theme in Magento 2  is new for the customer.
  4. Since the migration is going on, it’s impossible for any sales.

Besides its pros and cons, we recommend you to Magento 2 migration process. Because it comes with better enhancements to overcome the cons of Magento migration.

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Magneto 2 has better enhancements such as:

  • New B2C and B2B features
  • Better security rendered through different payment gateways
  • Higher responsiveness to devices
  • 50% faster loading time
  • User-friendly and intuitive admin panel
  • Easy extension updates
  • Enhanced flexibility for personalized features

Now it is very easy to upgrade your eCommerce platform to Magento 2. Thus for any Magento 2 migration-related quires, contact our Magento experts for better understanding.

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