Top 7 Features Ride-Hailing application should have in it

Are you looking to develop your own cab application where you can manage a handful of cabs and get orders for the trips? Worry not, our easy cab is really simple, ready-made, and awesome with bug-free solutions to help you establish your business the easy way.

Fuel your taxi business with ride-hailing app builder!!!

Taking advantage of the technologies, we have provided powerful features of the ride-hailing application implementing FireBase, PHP7.0, Symfony, MySQL, and much other logic whereby you worry on second to none and execute the application with real ease.

What are the components of the Uber application?

  1. Web-admin
  2. Customer Application.
  3. Driver Application.
  4. Fleet Application.

What do we have in-store for managing the business in a wholesome way?
Certainly, we are having the greatest technology in the market with zero bugs and the features that you would require to kick-start this business.

Top 7 Features Ride-Hailing application


The dashboard is the opening interface that tells a lot about several pieces of information in the store. You can customize the dashboard as per your requirement if such activity is required. 

Eazycab Dashboard

Easily Navigate to the user’s page where you can get complete information on how you can manage the users. Get real-time information’s on the number of users registered in your panel.

The same is that for Drivers, Cab Owners, Cabs, Completed Trips, Monthly income, and today’s income. But as we always speak off, this panel isn’t static, but it has a lot of features that can help you to be successful.

Adding Cabs / Models:

Eazycab Adding Cabs Models

Adding cabs is now easier than ever. Just click “Add Cabs” and you are all set to add the number plate and insurance number along with other details and assign the cab to the driver. The cab will then have the option to get the QR code. This QR code can help you in authenticating the cab to the driver.


Authentication between cab and driver is very important. We have implemented in the view that, when a driver scans the QR and tags himself to the cab, all other tags will be auto cut, and he will be held responsible for the cab and the security of the passengers. Also, it can be only possible that the driver can start getting the trips after scanning the QR code.

Fuel your taxi business with ride-hailing app builder!!!

Getting the Trips:

Top 7 Features Ride-Hailing application should have in it

The Driver can go online in a matter of minutes once his registration with the admin is done. He can just enter his mobile number only once (if he is not logging the app out) and scan the QR. It all takes 30 seconds time.  Stand anywhere and you can get your ride.
Get the route map integration with the Google API and get the best possible route for the trip.


Never be worried about the security of your loved ones. The application is developed to send SOS to at least 10 pre-configured numbers(need to be added by the customer) about the tracking code and the place where the person is traveling at present. With this configuration, it’s very easy and much convenient to hit SOS and alert about unsafe situations.

Change Per KM Cost

Top 7 Features Ride-Hailing application should have in it
This is a basic feature, but the core of monetization lies here.  The admin can configure the types of cabs and assign the per kilometer charges for the same. Also, the ride time charges can also be configured via the application to assure the driver is not at loss anytime.

Integrate Payment Solution

Integrate any payment gateway of your choice. We don’t restrict any payment gateway for any reason.  We provide integrations with PayPal, Payu, Payfort, Paytabs, stripe.

Messaging Solutions:

Messaging is at the heart of this ride-hailing system. We have integrated Twilio for international solutions. Driver Number authentication is done through OTP.

Also, SOS messages are sent through the messages to the registered phones on the database for the particular rider.

Trips History

Trips History

Review and Rating

Top 7 Features Ride-Hailing application should have in it

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