Top difference between Magento1 and Magento2 in 2020

As we all know that in today’s digital world of market, many people choose to move their business online and they all been hearing about many platforms to start their initial eCommerce website. A lot of people would have heard of the platform name called Magento but a lot of people are stuck between making the decision on either to go with Magento1 or Magento2. Hence in this article, we will be learning the essential difference between the Magento1 and Magento2.

These are the list of essential section that we are going to focus on:

  • Architecture
  • Speed & Performance
  • Extensions
  • Dashboards
  • SEO
  • Security


Magento1 doesn’t support any of the latest PHP versions and that results in downfall of the overall performance of website.  Magento2 supports latest PHP versions also with better scalability than Magento1. Magento2 also offers pages loads faster, cleaner coding, user-friendly dashboard, advance browser caching for static pages and Meta tags functions for better SEO perspective.

The main reason to switch from Magento1 to Magento2 is that the store performance is comparatively lower than Magento2. The Magento team has improved the tech stacks incredibly by adding various new technologies like Apache, Composer, Symfony, Nginx 1.7 or higher.

Features Magento 1 Magento 2
Apache 2.x Apache 2.2 / 2.4
Nginx 1.7 or greater
PHP 5.2.x – 5.5.x PHP 5.6.x / 7.0.2 / 7.0.6
MySQL MySQL / MySQL Percona 5.6.x or greater
Varnish 3.x / 4.x
Redis 2.x / 3.x or Memcached 1.4.x
Solr (Only for EE) Solr 4.x
JQuery (In latest themes) JQuery
RequireJS / Knockout.js
Zend Framework 1 Zend Framework 1 / 2

Speed & Performance:

Magento2 offers better page load speed comparatively to Magento1. It is due to the full-page caching functionality that has been released with the Magento2 update.

Some of few stats of Magento2 compared with Magento1:

  • Magento2 process almost 39% more orders per hour than Magento1.
  • The server response for catalogue browsing is instant.
  • Comparatively it is 66% faster server response time for quicker transactions


We know that there are lots of 3rd party extensions available in the market for Magento1. However occasionally there is some extension conflicts occur while two or more extensions try to rewrite the same functionality. Thus, it required manual help from developers and results in more time and additional expenses for the same functionality development.

On Magento2 the plug-ins allows code to overlap with each other core code rather than overloading it. Also with Magento2 release the updating and installing new-extensions has become more user and pocket-friendly.


The backend admin panel dashboard in Magento2 is much user-friendly and interactive than magento1.  It is designed perfectly for users to make it comfortable while navigating through all the different functions on the panel. Magento2 dashboard allows you to manage your store more efficiently since it’s well-organized. Unfortunately but on Magento1 it has a quite poor design for the dashboard.


In terms of SEO Magento2 doesn’t have a lot more interesting features than Magento1. However there are few notable features that has been added to the Magento2 to improve the SEO aspects.

Duplicate Content: Magento2 provides a Canonical tag, so there is no avoid duplicate content issues.

Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keyword: Magento2 enables the meta tags for the individual pages.

Mobile-Friendly: Magento2 by itself well adapted to all version of Android and iOS devices. It is also a ranking factor.

Magento team has been constantly updating the security patches for both Magento1 and Magento2. Hence, it shouldn’t be a concern on the security aspects, as magento is updating the security patches frequently. However, the threat for Magento1 is that the official support for Magento1 will be dropped on June2020. Hence, there will be no more security patch and bugs resolving updates later.


If you are interested in developing your store in Magento then Magento2 will be the key. Like mentioned in the above comparisons it’s clear that Magento2 outworks Magento1 completely in every aspect.

I hope that the above content helped you to learn the essential difference between Magento2&1. We would be happy to hear your feedback on the content and let us know if you would like to hear more on Magento development services.






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