Top Secrets To Make Your Video Marketing Super Successful

Top Secrets To Make Your Video Marketing Super Successful

In 2018, video marketing has evolved from a single marketing approach to an entire business strategy, which is why 80% of consumer internet traffic will be video by 2019, according to Cisco. In fact, 50% of potential consumers want to see video rather than text from brands as found by a Hubspot research. Video success can be attributed to the involvement of all teams who produce them in an actionable, conversational and measurable manner. The role of video will continue to evolve and grow because nothing engages viewers emotionally more than clips. As a business person, you can employ the following secrets to  boost the reach of your video  marketing, thereby increasing sales. 

Optimize your video with SEO

Before you upload your video to any sharing site, you should focus to harvest its maximum value by hosting it on your domain. Embedding it will also help to increase the chances of receiving inbound links. Additionally, don’t forget to come up with a video sitemap. When it comes to optimizing, descriptions are a vital aspect as they allow Google to understand what the video is about. As such, always ensure to tag your video with explained descriptions and relevant keywords.

Make your clip fun to watch

“The worst thing to do is to make an utterly boring video. Videos that are full of marketing puff from start to end do not spread,” said Dharmesh Shah, founder of Hubspot. He says that the problem with video creators is that they think viewers cannot accommodate humor in a business setting. Following his observation, you should come up with a video that enlightens viewers and makes them laugh, prompting them to forget their reality. You can achieve this by replacing conservativeness with creativity, taking risks and leaving space for humor. Shah advises that instead of feeling constrained or trying to copy your competitor’s tone, you should be original and take a chance at being funny, regardless of the type of video that you are making. 

Concentrate on the story rather than sales

Many videos on the internet fail to serve their purpose because they are annoying and greedy, something that repels potential customers. To avoid creating such, you should be centered around the story, focusing on the value you are providing to consumers rather than tricking them to buy. Your video should appeal to satisfy a specific consumer need and seek to meet their hidden desires. One of the rules for general marketing is to focus on providing excellent products and services rather than making sales. That way, satisfied customers will always come back and recommend their friends as well.

As broadband connections continue to grow in affordability and strength, video content and video marketing continue to become an ingrained part of marketing. It does not matter what kind of business you run or the scale of your operation. Spicing up your marketing with excellent video content will always be a big step towards increasing your sales. Given the level of competition in the business space today, it is wise to use the above tips so that you remain ahead of your adversaries.

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