Travels Bus Management System: Here Tradition Collaborate with Technology

From our childhood, Bus is the most famous and feasible mode of transportation to travel either a short or long distance. After, people started evolving with technology in the modern trend and of more population, travelling on the bus become inconvenient for many reasons. Travels Bus Management System has launched to overcome the prevailing these difficulties and hurdles.

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What Is Travels Bus Management System?

The Travels Bus Management system deals with the end to end process of the bus transportation to assist from booking and also after the ride. This service has been provided with both online and offline assistance. It is currently running similar to Uber clones.

How Does This Work?

Log In: The user has to login into the application either using Facebook or Google ID or registering the details on the interface.

Password: The user needs to assign a password for their specific user- ID

Uploading details: The user needs to upload their details like address and biography for easy access.

Features Of Travels Bus Management System:

Tickets Booking: The application can be used for booking tickets based on the customer’s preference. The customer can book his desired seat on the bus and what kind of bus he wants to travel like AC or Non-AC.

Live Tracking: The customers can track their bus from their application with the built-in map using GPS. This makes the customer manage their time and to estimate their reaching time at their destination.

Live Notification: The customer will get the live notification on the arrival and departure time of the bus with the estimated time frame.

Ride Passes: If a person travels frequently then he can opt for the Ride passes. The ride passes can be either distance-based or ride-based which will be profitable to him

Ticket Vault: The customers can save or add their tickets on their ticket vault option available in the application.

e-Wallets: The customers can maintain their e-wallets in their application for easy transactions. It can also be used to gain more promotional vouchers.

SMS notification: The customer will be notified through SMS on the arrival and departure of the bus.

History reports: The customer can be accessing their history reports which have been generated over the rides booked in the past.

Managing the guest list: The application is used to manage the guest list where the customer can upload the details about him for easy booking and if the ticket is booked again by the same person in future, it will be easier.

SOS: The application will be having an SOS option which can be used to notify their closed ones at the time of emergency situations.

24*7 helpline: The company will be providing 24*7 helpline for handling any issues faced by the customers. This has been also used to handle the queries raised by the customers and drivers.

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The Webnexs Travel Bus Management System is an excellent business model for the customers who opt for the travel by bus, train, or flight, this makes the customers enjoying their travel at their desired choice. This system is launched to collaborate the traditional way of traveling with Technology.

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