Webnexs an official partner of PayU Biz Payment Gateway

Webnexs wcomm, an Instant Ecommerce platform with more than 135 unique themes and has over 35+ customers globally and keeps on counting every day.  We are glad to announce that from June 2016webnexs has been designated as official channel partner of Payubiz and Payumoney.. PayU biz is a simplified Payment solution which is recommended by 80 out of 100 ecommerce stores. PayU biz is loaded with user friendly features like Auto OTP read and fill, Magic Retry, White Labeled Vault, CVV Less Flow and Many More. Our customer who opts for PayU biz payment gateways will be awarded special benefits towards their Ecommerce Store Setup.  With our expectations, we are optimistic that our customers will benefit the most through payu integration as a feature for their payment gateways.






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    I will be putting this dalizzng insight to good use in no time. thanks for this awesome information.

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    I could not refrain from commenting.I was very much educated about eCommerce online store through this blog article.

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    Hi there,
    I truly visit this website on regular basis. I must admit that you have teaches more about eCommerce and Im one of your proud customer of the wcomm.

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