What to Expect  from Magento 2.4 in 2020?

Recently, Magento has stunned all the Magento developers with its announcement to release an upgrade of Magento 2, which is Magento 2.4. This new upgrade is supposed to be initiated in the first month of 2020.

Every new upgrades comes with features that make the E-commerce platform better in different aspects.

At Webnexs, the team is always looking ahead to the new upgrade. Keeping up with that tradition, the developers were discussing the possibilities and features of the new version over a cup of tea!

Magento 2.4 : What to expect?

The Magento 2.4 version is expected to be released with amazing new features, improvements, component updates, and great product stability.

Here are some things that will cover Magento 2.4 upgrades:     

  • Highly- performing GraphQL functionality.
  • Full GraphQL coverage will be allowed to admins.
  • A new storefront API concept will be introduced.
  • Improvement in front-end framework.
  • More than 100s of bug fixes.
  • And tons of new features.

By following all of these features, lots of other features and functions are still to be declared by Magento.

With this announcement, our (Webnexs) team is so excited about this upgrade and biting our nails to figure out what new thing Magento 2.4 upgrade will cover. And as soon as we come to know of the full list of features and functions, we will keep you posted.

Until,  stay tuned, stay updated.





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