Magento 2 for ecommerce business

Why Choose Magento 2 For Your Ecommerce Business Today?

Since its inception in 2007, Magento established itself as a powerful ecommerce solution across the globe. Even after ten years of its launch, Magento 2 stands like the most popular ecommerce platform that available here today on the market. 

To date, thousands of online stores irrespective of their size, ranging from small to large-scale enterprises. Now you’d ask us what are the major advantages of choosing Magento for your eCommerce business when compared to other ecommerce platforms.

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It powers thousands of online shops, appealing to both large and small enterprises. 

Let’s see how Magento breaks many of its rivals like Shopify, and WooCommerce’s tracks with its features, design, and capabilities.

Why Magento 2 For Your Ecommerce Business In 2022?

Continue reading to find why businesses should choose and adopt Magento 2 platform to scale their online eCommerce businesses.

Top Reasons Why To Choose Magento For Your Ecommerce Business Today

Easy Administration

The administration is where many feel scared and goes out of control as the size of the store is huge. But, Magento won’t let you deal in that way, because Magento UI offers a very neat responsive feature, device-handy-administration.

For example, If you and your chief officer are unable to have the stock count, Magento enables you to look up those stock details on your smartphones and tablets. Also, your employee with admin access can directly access the store’s back-office through their smartphones. 

Multi-tier Magento 2 Ecommerce versions

We all know Magento is available in several editions and can opt for their version that suits their business. At the moment, the different versions of the Magento platform are:

  • Magento Open Source
  • Magento Commerce, and
  • Commerce Cloud – Magento 

Magento team extended their hands to the businesses which in demand solutions of different sizes.

SEO Possibilities

SEO is the must-to-have thing for any eCommerce business to flourish and succeed. So, eCommerce businesses can do their regular functions but need SEO magic to be among the top result makers. 

For this purpose, Magento has an extensive SEO suite to help its users to rank better than its competitors. The SEO suite comes with some cool features like:

  • Sitemaps
  • Meta tags
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Content management

These features will help you to manage many other additional SEO operations in bulk if it is a large store. And the one killer feature of Magento is Bulk SEO operation for larger stores, and employ editing restrictions so that important elements don’t get deleted by accident.

You can do all the SEO-related operations by yourself, but it needs proper knowledge and prior experience to handle the bulk tasks. Thus, we recommend you partner up with an SEO service provider for better results.

Magento 2 Ecommerce Platform Upgrades

Magento team is constantly updating their platform versions every year. The existing Magento 1.x is updating just like that simply, without affecting the store’s functionality. Even though it appears simple, the Magento upgrade requires patience and experience to update the version without losing the prime data. Even the well-versed developers will dread the updates.

But then later days, Magento 2.x introduced. This version comes with a lot more new features and cool functionality that makes store owners go crazy about it. Recently Magento team has officially announced its withdrawals of the older Magento 1x version. 

All this to fix the key challenges faced by the Magento 1x version in terms of speed, security, and product management. Magento 2x platform brings numerous changes and improved performance to your store. 

Those store owners who fail to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 will struggle in attaining peak performance. So don’t wait until it’s too late, take the next step to migrate your Magento 1x store to Magento 2x store now. 

The Online Ecommerce Marketplace

Magento marketplace looks powerful and stunning in its niche with its builds. So, that it let the vendors/ sellers manage a wide range of things by themselves. Our Magento marketplace solution helps you make everything into an automatic online marketplace like Amazon, eBay. 

Sellers can take full control of their products, sales, invoices, shipments, credit memos using their Seller cPanel. Customers can offer reviews and ratings for sellers as well as their products & services.

Common benefits of building a Magento 2 Ecommerce marketplace are:

  • Fully Responsive & Mobile Optimized Marketplace
  • Compatible With Any Magento 2 Themes
  • Product & Order Management
  • Multiple Gateways & Multilingual Ready
  • All Product Types Support
  • Auto Approve Seller Or Approve Manually
  • Multiple Vendor Product(S) Checkout
  • Product and Order Management
  • Report System & SEO Management
  • Feedback & Review

Future-proof Ecommerce Technology

Back in days, the Magento 1x version has struggled a lot to co-exist and match with the concept like Big data, machine learning, IoT, and many other concepts.

Later, the Magento 2x is introduced to facilitate the above-mentioned trends in the eCommerce website with its extensive headless commerce concept and API integrality, Progressive Web Apps, and cloud integration. If you commit to Magento, you will probably not need to switch to a different platform ever again.

Final Thoughts

According to the recent survey, Magento is been used by 2% of all CMS-based websites, which is 1.2% of all websites available online. Surprisingly, the numbers will keep going to the peak as Magento offers many features and resources to its users through its latest versions of its eCommerce platform. 

So if you already have an eCommerce website with poor outcomes of different platforms or your current platform is hard to scale to the next level?, then Magento is the best choice for you.

Magento has all the features, architecture, infrastructure to create and run a successful B2C, and B2B eCommerce website. We hope now you’ve found a better eCommerce platform for your business that level up your success.

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