Why you should move your store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 today?

Magento has recently announced that they are officially closing the support for Magento 1 after June 2020. Well, that is in another 6 months from now, the official support and updates for Magento 1 will be shut down. But nothing to worry, thanks to Magento simplified solutions; it makes it even easier for people to migrate all their data from Magento 1 to Magento 2 latest version.

Actually, it is really great to switch your store to Magento 2.3 because it has a lot of cool features than ever before. Too many exciting functionalities have been introduced and the performance are even better. I would like to mention some significant reasons to migrate to Magento2

1)  Magento 2 Gives Enhanced Customer Experience:

Magento is constantly proving that they care about the customer experiences. With the latest 2.3 they have worked on a lot of pain points that provides an excellent enhanced customer experience; like easy checkout, better search filters, hassle free shopping experience and what not!  It result a lot better conversion rate.

2)  Mobility:

Magento 2 makes it a cinch to provide better omni-channel experience and searching on mobile screens have been  enormously improved; it makes it really convenient for mobile users to access through the website.

3)  Increasing Business Opportunities and Productivity:

Magento2 makes it simpler for the business owners to manage their website more productively and efficiently. It comes with an excellent user friendly admin panel that makes way easier to manage everyday management tasks.

4)  Magento 2 Support Multi-Store Functionality:

Multi-store functionality is an inbuilt function that enables the store owners to manage their multiple numbers of stores data in a single efficient platform. Thus, it saves a lot of time and effort trying to find a better ERP solution for the management of the website.

5)  Improved Technical Architecture and New Features

The technical architecture of magento 2 is simplified in a single file structure for both themes and extensions.  It is relatively easier to work on the code of theme and extensions in the file structure. 

6)  Flexible and Easy-to-upgrade Architecture:

Auto upgrading is relatively easier whilst compared to Magento 1.0 and there is not much complexity. Thus it will not affect any installed plug-in and it is much more flexible.  For instance, migrating from Magento 2.0 to Magento 2.x versions is comparatively easier than from Magento 1.0 to 1.x versions.

7)  Get Higher Web Performance and Scalability:

Magento 1 doesn’t’ support full-page caching on a large scale and it can only handle approximately up to 200k page views in an hour.  Whereas, magento2 supports full page caching can handle 10 million page views in an hour.

With the integration of Varnish Cache to the latest version of Magento2, it is a reliable HTTP accelerator technology that holds accountability for caching common requests.

8)  Magento 2 is 99% Search Engine Friendly:

With the Admin panel dashboard there is in-built functionality that enables the admin to keep track of their Marketing resources with a highly accurate graph-view margin of designs.  It renders a compelling native organic optimization search that boosts your e-commerce store and result in much organic users.

9)  Magento 2 Supports CSS Preprocessing:

The CSS preprocessing is now supported by Magento2.  Thus, it makes it simpler for the developers to design the front-end with high-quality designs and still achieve a better front-end loading speed even whilst using complicated themes.  However, many developers uses SasS preprocessor for magento2 development.

10)   Magento 2 is Fully Responsive:

One of the most inspiring reasons to use Magento for extraordinary ecommerce website development is a responsive design.

The most amazing experience using Magento is for its extraordinary responsive designs. The interface of templates in Magento 2 is much responsive thus it provides many benefits to the developers to develop a completely better responsive e-cart system.

In conclusion, it’s almost clear that Magento2 will be dominating the ecommerce platform for a while and without arguably Magento can be your perfect ecommerce store solution.

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