WordPress 5.3:Top-5-Improved-and-Advanced-Features

WordPress 5.3 is Here: Top 5 Improved and Advanced Features

WordPress Version 5.3 is released recently at the beginning of the year 2019. In WordPress Version 5.3 has a refined and expanded the block editor which has been introduced on WordPress 5.0. With a new set of blocks, instinctive interactions, and better accessibility.

WordPress Version 5.3 allows the designers to have complete control over the look of the website. All this possible by providing us a more layout and style variations. There is an interesting feature that comes with WordPress version 5.3 called 20-20 themes. Due to new updates, designing beautiful web pages has never been this easier.

WordPress 5.3: Top Improved and Advanced Features

WordPress 5.3

Block Editor Improvements

With the new Block Editor, there are over 200 new features that have been introduced. This enables to optimize picture of any size to the required size. It compresses the picture to the size without any reduction in the quality of the picture.

To the context of accessibility, a new style integration in block editor in the admin panel is now its asset. There exists a consistency issue between editor, admin interfaces, and the accessibility issue. All these issues have been fixed to make the interaction with your block feels swift and natural.

Expanded Design Flexibility

With the release of WordPress 5.3, there are more powerful tools for designing amazing pages that have been added.

  • The new group block feature enables you to carve up your page with ease into colorful sections.
  • The column blocks are now proportional to the column widths.
  • The new predefined layout allows designers to align the contents into advanced.
  • The header block area now gives better control over text and background color.
  • For any block preferred style can be set with the additional style feature option that has been introduced.

Introducing Twenty-Twenty: WordPress 5.3

The block editor is going to celebrate its first birthday and with that here comes a birthday present for all called 20-20. Therefore, 20-20 is for better flexibility at its core it helps to set your content with proper alignment. With that, it also helps you to show off your website with an amazing combination of columns, groups, and media blocks.

20-20 themes were designed by Rasmus Anderson and the theme includes the typeface Inter. This makes the loading time short by reducing all weights and styles of Inter into two font files.

Automatic Image Rotation

The images will be rotating to the embedded oriented data upon the upload of an image. Yet, this feature was possible through the persistence of many year’s contributions.

Site Health Checks

The release of WordPress Version 5.3 makes it a cinch to find any issues that have been occurring on the website

Admin Email Verification

Here comes the update that we all been waiting for that is the Admin Email verification. There will be a reminder checking on you and request to confirm your admin email is up to date upon login. This reduces the chances locking of your website if you change/forget your email address.

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Finally, thanks to all developers who worked on WordPress 5.3. All their efforts bring WordPress an optimized platform at the right time, with more on the way.

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