Top 6 Facebook Advertising tips for your ecommerce business


Want to try Facebook tips for your eCommerce business? 

Are you not sure about the outcome while you invest in the Facebook platform for advertising?

If you’re not making use of it for your advertising purpose, then you’re wasting up all your time. Secondly, missing the most reliable opportunity to boost your eCommerce conversion and sales.

Advertising on Facebook Audiences can bring us as much revenue as you wanted. It will be profitable and won’t cost as much as you think.  You don’t even spend money on Facebook ad services that are out of trend as of now. 

Okay, let me come to the point. Here we share with you the top 6 Facebook Advertising tips for eCommerce business. Read this before creating Facebook ads for your eCommerce store.

Note: Ecommerce and Facebook are powerful couples.

6 Facebook Advertising tips for eCommerce business

Here are some Facebook advertising tips for eCommerce businesses to help increase traffic and conversions.

1. Targeting the cart abandonment has a drastic potential of sales

Worry not if your customers abandon the cart in the past. Now you’re going to earn effective Facebook tips that actually work for eCommerce business. Abandonment carts can be treated like trash by others, but it is a kind of treasure to dig.

Facebook cart

So creating a Facebook Ads including the pictures and sometimes the video. Then the links the product that customers have recently added to their cart but not made the purchase.

These are effective Facebook marketing tips for eCommerce to look for now. You can create an ad with huge discounts convincing them to make their purchase.

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2. Make sure that you give enough discounts, offers, and contests/giveaways


Give as much value for your visitors, so they can become your potential customers. Modern era online shoppers fall for discounts. Even many shoppers across online may buy some products just because it’s on discount sale. 

So, creating a demand for most-popular products. Also, Facebook allows its users to create their own coupons on Facebook.

Facebook discount offers


This feature on Facebook allows users to get their offer code by clicking on the offer ad. If they’ve found your offers attractive and useful. Then they’ll visit your eCommerce site just to redeem their offer code. 

Contests & Giveaways

It is proven that Contests and Giveaways in drawing the customer’s attention greatly. It will bring you a huge success if used in the correct way with some strategies.

3. Re-Target website visitors on Facebook with Dynamic Product Ads

Displaying the appropriate products to the website visitors based on their behavior and recent activities. Through the tailored ads you can showcase the products on their Facebook newsfeed that they’ve recently seen or wish-listed on your site is one of the highest ROI (Return on Investment) strategies.

If you’re a good social media surfer, then you might have noticed that most of the leading eCommerce like Amazon retargeting its website visitors on Facebook and other social media platforms.

That is nothing but simply showing the same products they’re looking for and searching it online through browsing.

You know what, we’ve got good news for you. Yes, you can also re-market on Facebook as Amazon does. If you want to deploy such marketing tactics like other eCommerce giants, we suggest you partner with the right Facebook marketing company. 

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4. Boost a past post

Boosting the existing Facebook advertising campaign posts will actually make sense rather than running a fresh Facebook campaign. Also, try boosting an ad that has good tracks in the past, and promote it to the most recent users who recently liked and shared something out from your Facebook page.

Many marketers suggest that boosting existing good-performing ads has greater potential to bring you the exceptional results that you expect.

5. Try using video for FACEBOOK advertising

From recent trends, we can conclude that Facebook tops the list in prioritizing the video content. The video has the advantage of feeding the whole information about the product. So it can ease the way to hit your target audience. 


Recent studies show that customers prefer to watch product videos instead of reading the product manual online. Because videos and images are more convincing in delivering the information to the target customers. 

You would’ve noticed on Facebook that videos play instantly once someone scrolls their news feed. So it becomes a more viable advantage if you create and format the videos rightly.

So, if you’re about to create a video to post on Facebook, make sure that it displays your product first. Then its features and all other highlights later follow.

Thus, if your customers found the targeted video, they’ll stop there itself. And they’ll check out the product details and finally make the purchase.

6. Use vibrant images in the Facebook Ad


Before running a Facebook Ad campaign, always make sure that you’re about to use only vibrant color images. Also, it should be high-quality, attention-grabbing, and appropriate size images as a base for the ad type you chose. 

Stunning images and targeted key phrases is the highly dominating combination in bringing out great engagements and clicks.

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The current world of the digital market is open to multiple ways to boost conversion and sell products. But choosing effective Facebook tips for your eCommerce business. It is equally important, how to implement it is the next thing to keep eye on. 

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