Benefits of implementing Nodejs in eCommerce sector for 2020

Know Why and How Nodejs benefits the eCommerce sector in this blog. Nowadays eCommerce businesses are proliferating and increasing drastically, as we witnessed from the past to the present scenario; the global market has considered eCommerce business as one of the most reliable business platforms in the online industry.

Day to day online users is increasing at a different level. And so the habit of using online services through smartphones, tablets, and other internet-based devices allows people to reach their needs and necessities from their location point itself. 

Among all the internet activities, online shopping has evolved as one of the most used platforms on mobile devices and other systems in recent years. In order to match the needs and demands of the customers, global companies are benchmarking their limits to the whole new level. So, it must reach them all in a single point of contact. Thus, all those companies set themselves an ultimate goal of developing web and mobile applications.

As of now, Nodejs gained massive popularity with less time in the eCommerce industries. For your reference, a blog about “Is Nodejs great for eCommerce website development” is already been published.

So today we’re going to help you to get informed about the business benefits of Nodejs in the eCommerce sector. And we believe that this blog might helps you to get more out of your business.

What is Nodejs?

Nodejs is a technology that written in JavaScript. It is a stunning technology to build the back-end of applications with JavaScript in a run time environment.

As the first server-side JavaScript environment that amuses the business people with its enterprise-grade level feasibility.  Nodejs uses Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine for execution. It is very powerful and effective as it works on an event-driven and non-blocking I/O model. Most developers use this framework for hosting the Application Programming Interface(APIs), handling and making HTTP requests, and to access the database. 

Below, it’s the image states the different versions of Nodejs to specify how stable it is and to aware about the future of Nodejs,

Why Nodejs is popular among the eCommerce SECTOR?

Nodejs provides the utmost reliability to developers, which enables them to produce dynamic web pages to the user’s web browser. Here the developer uses JavaScript to write Command Line tools and for server-side scripting in Nodejs. Pickup the point “JavaScript everywhere”, that uses the same programming language on both server-side and client-side scripts.

This makes Nodejs a unifying web app development environment. In addition, JS is a default filename extension for every JavaScript code.

Nodejs’s event-driven perfect architecture is effectively capable of asynchronous I/O operation. These capabilities of Nodejs allows optimizing the scalability in real-time web apps with I/O operations. With this productivity, It proves its ability to produce more responsive and dynamic development that mainly suits for eCommerce website and mobile app development.

Benefits of Nodejs in the eCommerce sector


The event-driven model of the Nodejs has a great influence on the scalability of web applications. It comes with small to large modules that actually support to build a scalable application efficiently. This makes Nodejs even more scalable in this aspect.

Ease of development

Node js enables developers to build a lot of APIs based on the user application where it is believed to function with the infrastructure. With the uniformity, readability, and consistency it renders to the code, Nodejs allows developers to write APIs really quick and seamless way.

Benefits of Plugins

One of the important benefits of  Nodejs is that you can get access to ready-made plugins for eCommerce website development. These plugins usually come at no cost. This featured plugins increase the speed of the development process.

Coding ability

Nodejs comes with really handy and easy to learn and just as easy to code. Most web developers have a good knowledge of JavaScript, and even if they are not, their community will actively engage in fixing the issues been faced by the developers to get better at coding the script.

Optimal performance

Nodejs uses Google Chrome’s V8 engine that offers efficient speed while running the web-based applications. Moreover, it works on the I/O model which doesn’t block the I/O operations enhancing the speed of the performance.

Node Package Manager(NPM)

Node package manager(NPM) plays a vital role in the Nodejs development process. It helps in every possible way to find a better solution with its big package of modules. NPM (Node Package Manager) comprises numerous modules(i.e. more than 50000+) augmented with decent growth. The NPM modules come with reusable components, available through an online repository, with version and dependency management.


As we discussed earlier today, Nodejs is an enterprise-grade programming platform that supports in building scalable web applications. This particular technology can be used with both frontend and backend. Also, it avails you with new options like MEAN Stack or MERN Stack development for mobile and web applications. In blend with such technology, it helps you to grow your business to the next level with high competitiveness.

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