Multi-seller marketplace store: How to build with Webnexs extension?

If you need a fully functional multi-seller marketplace store you should go for Webnexs extensions.

We have successfully used this platform for my clients having B2B + B2C e-commerce businesses. Webnexs has a well-defined multi-vendor functionality that allows you to convert a regular web store into an extended online marketplace.

You can easily add vendors, products, various ledger rules etc. The backend is also very well thought through and covers every aspect of the multi-vendor marketplace business model. As an admin you get complete control and management of vendors, products, orders as well as easy reporting and analytics.

Multi-seller marketplace By Webnexs

As an ecommerce consultant, and have worked with clients who tried to develop a multi-vendor functionality from scratch. Developing a multi-seller marketplace from scratch means a lot of development effort and resources and is very time consuming also.

Not everyone has this kind of resources at their disposal. So,opting for an e-commerce platform with off the shelf solution for multi-vendor marketplace is a more rational and economical approach.

Multi-seller marketplace store with Webnexs extension

However, We will not just tell you about these marketplace extensions but will also mention the features. Have a look!

  1. Profile-based product upload
  2. Bulk product upload
  3. Automatic inventory synchronization between Magento 2 store and the marketplace.
  4. Automatic Price and Order synchronization between Magento 2 store and the marketplace.
  5. Notifications about new orders.
  6. Low stock notification.
  7. Rejected product notifications.
  8. Archive and underachieving of products, and many more.

The features mentioned above are those which you get once you integrate your Magento 2 store with the marketplaces that we provide extensions for.

Therefore, if you are planning to create multi seller website, you should opt for a well-tested multi-vendor extension developed after extensive research. I would suggest you go for Webnexs’s multi-vendor solution that allows you to convert your store into a multi-seller marketplace like in a few easy steps.

How to create a multi-vendor marketplace website like Amazon?

The benefits of converting a single vendor e-commerce to the multi-vendor marketplace with Webnexs, a mobile-ready e-commerce platform is really easy and allows you to get better traffic and sales from the same business. IF you have been selling on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal, converting your store into multi-vendor marketplace helps you save a lot in commissions.

Let me explain how easy it is to set up a multi-vendor marketplace with Webnexs:

  • Open a FREE Trial demo and explore the various features.
  • When you are ready to extend your store functionality, drop a mail or give a call requesting to add marketplace functionality to your online store.
  • You would be contacted to confirm your requirement and a brief would be given to you about the payment details.
  • Make the payment and you get assistance from team in setting up your multi seller site instantly.
  • Add sellers from the admin panel and ask your sellers to register.
  • Define the seller ledger rules, commission managements etc.


That’s it, and your Simple, multi-seller business is ready to pay rich dividends than you imagine. Ask yourself whether you are prepared to scale your marketplace business with multiple vendors? Then click here and start making revenue with a fully functional marketplace.


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