List of famous web applications

List of famous web applications built with Nodejs

Here in this blog, let’s have a clear view of the famous web applications built with Nodejs.

Being one of the most popular programming languages, JavaScript is accepted as a universal software development technology of this era. Traditionally used as a web frontend development tool, it has also become a major cross-platform mobile development tool as its capability to scale to a different level.

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How Nodejs platform turned the way applications works?

The basic technology for numerous platforms, But the areas of application for JavaScript do not end here. Lately, there has been a lot of buzz around the use of JavaScript for server-side programming. There was some shift required in web development where a development environment can be used on both sides (i.e. front-end and back-end), so the Nodejs platform arrived.

It is not a framework or a library, but a runtime environment, based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine as an open-source platform many companies invested in Nodejs web application as it is a library of numerous modules which eases the overall development process.

Here are some well-known applications that build on the Nodejs platform,

Famous Web Applications Built With Nodejs

List of famous web applications built with Nodejs


You will find PayPal in every list of applications that been developed on Nodejs. PayPal is a renowned and famous internet payment platform providing services worldwide. Nodejs enables PayPal’s users to transact easily and safely in a seamless manner over 100+ currencies.

As PayPal reports that, they have facilitated over 185+ million customers across global. And now they use Nodejs on the user-end of web applications also.


As the well-dense video content and streaming service, their choice of Nodejs is just because of their data volumes and becomes the most interesting Nodejs application. So, the user faces high-performance interfaces specifically on their end as the final goal of the video provider is to power with good UX/UI. 

With the Nodejs platform, Netflix reduces building time and enables user-end customization. Hence, it proved to be so efficient and great at moving data access layers to it. 

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For the enormous traffic, eBay had to go with Nodejs a proven technology in web application development. Nodejs as part of JavaScript was fitted for any eCommerce giant sites like eBay. After considering the features of Nodejs, their developers decide to make the eBay application as real-time as possible.

Nodejs ability shows everywhere to prove its power in maintaining live connections to the server with over 150+ active users. 


Medium currently has over 25+ million monthly readers to its user account and thousands of articles appear each week. With a service-oriented backend structure, Nodejs allows Medium to share code between client and server-side. This made Medium the powerful publishing service among the applications that build on Nodejs. As a popular publishing platform, Medium leverages this technology for its web servers.


Uber is one of the best Nodejs apps that ever build on it. Each mobile app built with Nodejs harms the cost of making an uber-like application that needs a system to be reliable both to customers and drivers as the company has increased its services every year or even in months.


One of the best project management tools for this decade. Trello started fully on JavaScript in the beginning stage of development. Their developers built the back-end with the Nodejs platform to meet the demand for numerous open connections support to the users. It develops a single-page application and some prototypes too.


Mozilla is well-known for its free and open-source web browser application available and supported by Windows, Linux, Android, in nearly 50+ languages. As of now, Mozilla has approximately 20% of the world’s web browser users, making it the most popular web browser next to Google Chrome. It deploys Nodejs as the base language in their existing and current web-based projects which enables them to sign-in through different platforms.


Nodejs is becoming the most preferable technology for giant tech companies globally. There are several other tech companies that include Mozilla, Google, Trello, Mozilla that have successfully deployed Nodejs as a part of their application development operations.

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