Future proofing Your Digital Business Through Anticipating 2019s Trends

The digital market is a lucrative one, but is prone to regular, sweeping change, simply by its nature. The time is right to adapt, not duck the challenge; according to industry analysts Gartner, the digital market will grow to $3.2tn by the end of 2019. The money is there to be made for businesses willing to continue their growth.

Making your business a viable one in 2019 will require you to latch onto key trends. These encompass cross platform compatibility, cutting edge tech effective marketing and. Integrating these into your business plan will help you to fully anticipate and adapt to the changing face of web dev businesses.

Cross platform compatibility

Adaptability has extended now to include the full range of smart devices. Cross-platform compatibility has long been an important feature in a cogent SEO strategy. With the advent of whole-house smart devices, this has taken on a new level. Your service needs to be openly available to all potential consumers; whether they are opting for the flexibility of a tablet device, a portable Smartphone, a conventional tower PC or something else altogether. As a nod to how important this is, consider Google’s new Flutter tech. Geared towards greater levels of cross-platform compatibility, it’s the embodiment of Google’s focus.

Taking advantage of technology

Artificial intelligence has made the rounds throughout 2018, from self-driving cars to the ever-increasing number of AI helpers on websites. This is not due to reverse. With cross-platform compatibility, AI can help to bridge the gap and provide a cogent experience for users. Aside from anything, AI is becoming a part-and-parcel element of daily life; analysts CSCMP estimate that 33% of workers interact with AI already in the USA. Having this as part of your design will provide familiarity.

Using intuitive marketing

Despite the increasing presence of AI in daily life, Americans don’t trust the technology. According to analysis by Scientific American, people simply don’t trust AI. Yet, it needs to be part of your platform or service. Marketing helps to rectify this dichotomy. In 2018, advertising campaigns that introduced AI – like home hubs and helpers – often focused on emphasizing the technology as part of the ‘family’. Continuing this trend into 2019 will be important, where the cutting edge tech is provided in the context of familiarity and security.

Web development encompasses cutting edge trends, and staying ahead requires the developer to be in tune with that fact. 2019 will continue many of the transformations experienced in 2018. Despite this, standing still will be a folly to any developer.

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