How did 80 years old and having 500 Million Paid-up Capital Trusted Webnexs for their VOD Development

Webnexs VOD Spotlight is a special feature article showcasing our most successful clients sharing their journeys through the empire of online video on demand.

In the pandemic period, VOD became an important way for people to feel connected. 

Video on demand gave content creators and business owners an opportunity to rethink the way they extend their audiences; and for some, it brought even more visibility to their causes and communities. 

GSTV is a data-driven, national video network delivering targeted audiences at scale across tens of thousands of fuel peoples.

GSTV Video On Development Is Live To Make Top-Gear ROI

As we analyzed GSTV business requirements, They were looking for a video on demand development solutions and stubbed upon Webnexs. At first, they wanted to develop their VOD platforms and also customize their application with advanced AVOD features.

Besides needing a video solution, several other AVOD features were requested by them:

  1. Advertisement video on demand (AVOD) Solutions
  2. Video on demand Development
  3. Advertisers’ dashboard separately, wherein the advertiser will manage his advertisements, including space-time buying, control, and monitoring ads, etc. 
  4. Other key features required in a AVOD solutions

Webnexs VOD was executed on the GSTV based on the queries and requirements. We suggested they go with on top of the video on Demand platform. Webnexs VOD comes with several business features that are specially customized.

Solution Deployed :

We built a Video on demand application with specified AVOD features within 15 business days. AVOD features that were included are 

Advertisers portal – 

where the advertiser has to signup and waits for Admin to verify. Once verified, Advertisers are logged into the advertiser’s page, where they have to choose ad plans like basic, premium and gold to place their ads into the video.

Payment can be made through Stripe and PayPal payment gateways.

Uploading ads into the platform – 

Advertisers can upload ads by typing in the ad name, choosing ad category and finally including the advertisement URL . Once the ads have been verified by Admin. 

Advertisers can choose to choose the video where the ads need to be included, and they can also choose where they can play the ad, whether at the beginning, middle or end of the video.

Admin dashboard- 

Admin has full authority to reject or add advertisers to the platform. Admin can see the details of advertisers plan like advertiser name, plan chosen and paid amount. Admin can see the details of all advertisers in the advertiser’s list page, including information like company name, email address, mobile number, and address and status of advertisers. Admin has the full authority to reject an ad.

 Admin has the option to create an ad category and ad plan. When creating an ad plan, Admin has the option to give ad plan name , choose number of ads and price for the particular ad plan.

Important Features that are included are 

Video content management system – manages and organizes video content in different categories and folders. With the search bar, users can find desired content by typing keywords of video content.

Security features –

includes DRM, SSO, AES encryption, password protection play a major role in the protection of user data and safe delivery of video content to end-users protecting from third party attacks. 

CDN and ABR – 

tied up with global CDN help in the delivery of video content to end-users present all around the world. In Video transcoding, videos are compressed and converted into a different format. When combined with an adaptive bitrate video player, it delivers higher quality video irrespective of device and internet connectivity. 

Analytics dashboard – 

With analytics in hand, you get to know about user behaviour like average engagement time, most viewed video content, user location, etc.

Subscription-based VOD support – 

With this SVOD, Admin can set up the subscription plan based on monthly, quarterly or annually. Users have to subscribe to access the video content library for the subscribed period. 

Payment gateway – 

includes Stripe and Paypal payment gateway where users can make payments using cards, net banking and UPI.

Webnexs has built a Fully featured VOD platform for GSTV based on their requirements and needs with all the features mentioned above. With this VOD platform, GSTV was able to attract a huge audience and has generated more revenue than expected. 

The process Webnexs taken forward has brought success will further be more in line with the client’s expectations. At Webnexs, we make sure that we maintain our standards from inception to deployment. 

With Webnexs VOD, you’re never going to fly solo. If there are questions where you need additional support or guidance, our developers are always present to help you out.





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