How To Build An Online Grocery Store That Sells?

How To Build An Online Grocery Store That Sells?

Start an online grocery store that would resemble retail outlets to buy groceries online. So there was your customer can try different types of food and household products on the shelves of the store.

People nowadays love to shop online for their grocery items because it gives a convenient shopping experience, where they can shop grocery stuff without moving out of the house.


Steps To Create An Online Grocery Store

With eCommerce solutions, starting an online grocery store is simple and cost-efficient. You can basically run an online retail store for just 1/3rd of the price than what other Ecommerce Service provider charges you. Let’s see the list of features that you need to focus on before starting up an online grocery store.

How To Build An Online Grocery Store That Sells

Arrangement and managing the Online Grocery stocks

Your online grocery store would have thousands of different products each will be varied by weight or counts.  It’s a challenging process to maintain your product inventory and to run the store smoothly. But with online groceries store inventory management features, you can easily manage a heaping amount of products in a single window.

Our Inventory management system will ensure that the store has an optimal amount of goods and also make sure that the store won’t have either too many products or too little in your inventory will avert a great loss towards your online grocery store.

The infrastructure of your Online Grocery store

Your store look must be appealing to the consumer to purchase the products.  Such premium themes will make your store to achieve this. These eCommerce website themes make sure that the store’s layout and appearance would perfectly match the environment of a physical grocery store so that the customer won’t miss a thing that they get while in the physical store.

It lets you categorize the products based on Type of products, edible or non-edible, personal care, home care, and many more. Customers can also browse specific products based on offers and product bundles.

Moreover, your online grocery store lets you display food products’ expiration dates on the product pages so that your customer will be aware of the best before dates they make a purchase.

With creative themes, you can show off the popular and most demanding products in prime places like the home page carousel slider and even at recommended products block on the product pages and view cart page. This will not only let your customer aware of the product’s availability but also increase the sales rate.

Every product page is carefully crafted to provide a seamless purchase experience in your store.  For each product you can add unlimited images, unlimited attributes, short description, long description, eye-catching Buy Now button, and many more. Your customer would get all the needed information to purchase those products in the store.

Branding with SEO

Branding not only lets you increase your sales but also creates fame on your store’s name. It creates a ripple for the store among the customer which would lead to reorganization of the store that brings trustworthiness. It supports a wide range of marketing strategies and Search Engine optimizations.

Provide On-page optimizations data like Meta tag, Meta title, and Meta descriptions Image Alt tags, and many more. You can eventually modify anything to make your store favor for popular search engine indexes. Another medium you can utilize is email marketing.

There is a strong bond between eCommerce stores and email marketing channels. With Email marketing, you can send promotional emails which let your customer engagement on your products.

Creating a perfect email marketing strategy is one of the best methods to engage your customer and convincing them to buy the products.

On the other hand, social media is considered the best medium to engage the customer and make a good amount of sales. Letting your customer share your store’s product on their social media store will provide a chance of spreading the products over their own social media accounts.

With this method, the products would get popular without even receiving visitors to your store.

Behavior stats

Monitoring and gathering reports of an online store activity is a recommended practice on any eCommerce store. Ecommerce store has an inbuilt stats system that provides fine-tuned tracking and reporting events like items that added to the cart, the orders that have completed a purchase, the total number of coupons used, and many more.

It provides powerful reports with visualizations in Beautiful GUI, Tracking, and opportunities to learn about your store better and solve the confusion about your store activities. With the help of Ecommerce store stats, you will come to know more about your store’s current status and you can set your future goal towards your store development easily.

Shipping and Delivery Of Grocery Items

An online store isn’t fulfilled until the shipment service is set up properly for your store based on the region. Once your products leave the store for shipment to its important that the package reaches safely the designated customer. A single fault in the shipping system will bring great loss to your business.

It gives the ability to manage the shipping process by tracking inventory, deciding on shipping services. Also, for generating invoices, and even implementing a drop-shipping feature that reduces your pressure on the shipping segment on the online Business.

With Ecommerce the best solution, you can handle an enormous amount of orders easily and can generate invoice receipts without any problem.  It lets you change the charge of carries rates. Charging perfect real-time shipping rate of various carriers service provider lets the customer choose and pay the exact carrier service they want.

The shipping management lets you calculate the exact shipping rates based on different factors. It includes package size, package weight, departing country, and destination country. You can set up multiple carriers options for single products which would help your customer to determine which carriers service is better for their region.

Payment method

Setting a payment gateway favorable to your customer is a challenging part and increases successful purchases in your store. Ecommerce solution support 5+ different types of payment gateways that would accept payment from multiple currencies throughout the world.

Our grocery store is an official partner of popular payment gateway EBS and PayU money. Store owners who opt-in for EBS and PayU biz for their online store would be awarded special discounts.

By default, all Ecommerce grocery stores are integrated with COD and PayPal payment gateway. This will let to start selling products instantly after setting up the store. Ecommerce stores undergo PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard) compliance.

Your store would accept payment from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and many more cards. By this, it reduces the chances of the store’s customer information from being stolen.

Customer service Support

As a Popular Online storekeeper, you should provide a bold response to your customer when they need help regarding your store and products.  A negative impression can affect hundreds of new customers from making a purchase. Ecommerce store will let you support your customer through various systems like Email support, support tickets, and Live Chat.

Providing an awesome customer experience will increase your store’s creditability and trustworthiness among your customers. It leads to revisiting for repeated purchase of your products.



What we talked about above is just the part of online grocery store development, but for clarity you need to know the software that actually grows your grocery marketplace business.

Here it is!!!

Growcer – An online grocery marketplace software

Growcer is considered the most reliable grocery ecommerce platform in the UK. It is built with user-centric features that deliver vitality to its clients. Being a ready-made, white-label solution, business owners and retailers can instantly launch their own online grocery marketplace.

It is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that surpasses its client’s expectations. Unlike Magento, clients are not required to have prior technical expertise as Growcer takes care of them.

The onboarding process is simple, and Growcer is equipped with PWA and hyperlocal functionality. 

It also offers a robust readymade grocery app for both buyers and delivery staff. Built-with-state with art technologies, Growcer creates an online marketplace that acts as a revenue-generating platform for marketplace owners and sellers.

Besides, alternative niches like pharmacy, seafood & meat, dairy products, board games, pet supplies, and more can also be catered by Growcer. 

As it offers a plethora of customizable integrations and pre-integrated APIs, platforms like Instacart, FreshDirect, Peapod, Walmart, and more can be built using Growcer. 

To assist clients in settling up their ecommerce business, Growcer offers 1-year of free technical support post-launch.

How much does it cost to build a website powered by Growcer in the UK?

Growcer offers web portals of admin, buyer, seller and buyer & delivery staff mobile applications- all at $8000.

Yes, and what’s more, you can give this amount in 3 installments.

Examples of Growcer:

Growcer helped many entrepreneurs and enterprises to launch their grocery ecommerce websites in the UK, such as and

Other examples are,,, and

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