How to convert your free subscribers to paid streamers?

How to Convert your Free Subscribers to Paid Streamers?

How to convert your free subscribers to paid streamers?

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Possess new viewers for your video streaming applications with the free-trial features, but keeping & converting them to paid subscribers needs marketing strategies and planning activities. Many viewers take advantage of the free trial and ignore the paid packages.

Paid subscription of video streaming services shows how much the subscribers are satisfied & entertained during their free-trial packs. Once subscribers get more attached, they push-button to paid subscriptions and rely on streaming service to experience and enjoy the feature without any disruptions.

Webnexs Video Solution discovers achievable strategies in encouraging viewers to paid subscribers and generate more yield effectively.


Study the behavior of your free-trial streamers:

Without observing the streaming behavior of free subscribers, it is difficult to make a conversion into a strategic process. Using analytics tool, you can gather detailed information about free users. Also, we can track their demographic factors and physical location. Ensure about the content library and features are enjoyed by the free users. Categorize their preferred type or genre of contents they are frequently watched by the viewers.

Conduct a survey from viewers through email communication, and ask them to rate your streaming services, interesting events, channels etc for collecting feedback. After analyzing data, we can find the difficulties & outcomes faced by the subscribers and highlight the factors influencing not to evolve in subscription packages.

Eliminate all the conversion attrition:

To study the conversion strategy, you need to enter in the whole process. From log-in step to payment procedure, examine every function on your own & tick out all the attrition that disturbs the viewers in converting to paid subscriptions.

Some of the common conversion attrition include:

The high subscription fee, tedious & repetitive content, complex library navigation, user-experience buffering, lag on stream without proper ABR ( Adaptive Bitrate ), complex payment processing,  variety of subscription packs and communication lags with providers and improper customer support could be few of the issues that can cause attrition in conversions.

Try to reduce all the attrition factors & deliver maximum value in free-trial duration.

Limit access to premium contents:

If your content is unique and entertaining, but not available in other streaming services, it indicates higher possibilities in the minds of free subscribers to enroll themselves towards subscription. Granting access to viewers towards exploring their preferred content and making them comfortable in the trial period could facilitate this transition.

If they are ready to acquire premium content, invite them smoothly for subscription plans. It restricts the time period of the premium content available in the main storage. Also, it cuts-off the free-users accessibility in exclusive content and guides them to take & upgrade their packages.

Build an immediate call to action using an email campaign:

Creating an immediate call-to-action urgency in the trial period encourages free users to convert to paid subscribers. For exclusive OTT offerings, make them upgrade or push them to click on subscription services.

Design a drip-email campaign and notify your free users about the expiry period of trial packs. Use direct and functional messages for more responses. It communicates to free users with reporting messages for the conversion of paid users.

Provide special promotion before the end of free-trials packs:

Offering a special promo/discount and gift cards will make an optimal strategy to implement the conversion process more profitable and engaging. It makes the audience tend to purchase the well-efficient worthy services regarding investment and wish to buy the subscription plans.

Offer multiple pricing packages:

Free users have no idea about choosing the finest subscription content. Many subscribers will opt to choose a discounted yearly plan instead of regular monthly plans.

Suggest your best offering pricing packages to meet the needs & requirements of every viewer. Customize different pricing alternatives i.e weekly, monthly & yearly wise and invite your free users to choose their recommended or best subscription plan.

It is a very effective process in building the attention of free users and makes conversion leads. Just show them the overall layout of the pricing plan is well-arranged and sending messages is simple & transparent without additional cost.

Automate payment process:

Constructing a payment system with subscription models brings easy accessibility in the automated purchase process. If viewers are fully satisfied with your services, automatically they keep subscribing to your video contents without lags.


Apply your innovative & experimental conversion strategies based on current trends in video-based business development. Making affordable packages with quantitative content will engage more conversion of free users. If you feel, there should be any other ideas that can be added, please feel free to comment below.

Webnexs solution discovers the effective strategies & techniques for the rapid development in growing subscribers productively.


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