How Video on Demand Boost Education?

“On-demand is not just for entertainment”.

Education is now ever the most exciting opportunity and leveraging that on  Video on Demand solution is pays back a major revenue in the entertainment industry. Education business now started adopting this methodology thereby reaching the students globally. 

Video-based learning has made a drastic revolution in this industry. Teachers to approach the students or learners globally use this e-learning environment thereby enhancing the growth of the Education industry. In-turn students make use of this platform to reach the best teachers worldwide and develop their skills beyond geographical boundaries. 

Webnexs helps in providing the solution to the Education Industry, thereby

  • Providing a fully managed tailor-made solution.
  • Live stream online classes and push the video contents. 
  • Subtitle the content with the audience’s preferred language.
  • Increase revenue generation through subscriptions, sponsorship, and advertising models.

What’s more?

Use analytics to give a detailed report on

  • Students who watched that.
  • Track Attendance of each student in every class. 
  • Records and performance of each student, subject wise, tutor wise.

“Properly packaged, VOD could go a long way to deliver a suitable platform for the Education industry. We have designed our technology solutions, licensing and business operations to be able to offer very flexible models including revenue share models. As a full-service, on-demand solutions provider, Webnexs solution allows public sector organizations, health services, sporting bodies, companies and individuals to manage and monetize their own content, for select or broad audiences.” says Bright Livingstone.


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