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Live streaming of sports & events is the process of broadcasting video content through the internet in round-the-clock service. It’s actually a new phenomenon that has emerged in recent trends, also being an easily accessible technology that anyone can use. It provides the increased speed and reliability of internet connections to the smart devices so that high-quality video can be broadcast without much lag.

Sports-based on-demand platforms provide a specialized solution for video content that is viewed and broadcasted alive. Sports industries are generating more revenues in broadcasting their content to the people globally by utilizing this technology.

Webnexs Solution helps in providing the solution to the Sports Industry, it includes

  • Streaming to any Smart devices
  • Reach global audiences
  • Engage with the fan base
  • Get Social Media Exposure
  • Increased revenue for your business 


Live streaming platforms offer various video contents which include broadcasting sports events, live music, seminars and conferences, church sermons and events, political gatherings and other types of events. It also deals with 3 major aspects;

Cost benefits:- Provide content in the best package rates.    

Convenience:- Viewers can watch the content in round-the-clock services.

Devices:- Accessible in any smart devices with a good internet connection.

Variety:- Delivers different contents in single clicks.

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For capturing, a Camera is an essential thing for recording live events. In Broadcasting high-quality content, we can use Digital SLR (DSLR) with video capability or a dedicated digital video camera. This device transacting the recorded contents later through HDMI or USB in capture devices.       

Capture device:

A capture device is a hardware that converts the video signal from your camera’s output into a digital format so that your computer can recognize it. For this, We need a capture device that can take video input from your camera and make it available on your computer, or send it directly to your live stream. 

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Software encoder:

After that, Use a software encoder for importing video from your capture device or USB input that transcodes the format. Software encoders are necessary because cameras record video in formats suitable for their recording, not for live streaming. It is the major procedure for the conversion of video formats available in our smart devices.

Video streaming host:

Live Streaming host – Webnexs, an online video platform that has a higher potential viewer base and server configuration for uploading your video input and stream it across countries. For broadcasting, you’ll need to connect your encoding software to your video streaming host.

Start showing the live stream:

After allocating all the equipment and connecting to the internet with a sufficiently fast internet line, you are ready to begin streaming. The final step is to get your live stream delivered to the audience. Share your video streaming host website link or URL for viewers to get more responses.


Undoubtedly, Live streaming events create a new way for digital communication, content creation, and content promotion. Effective VOD could go a long way to deliver a suitable platform for the Sports industry. We have designed our technology solutions, licensing and business operations to be able to offer very flexible models including revenue share models. 

Webnexs solution steps ahead in delivering real-time sports packages with high definition quality and guarantees viewers experiences.


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