Lean impact your ideas about the best Ecommerce software

How does Going Lead Impact Your Ideas About Ecommerce Software?

Confused about choosing the right and best eCommerce software ideas for your business ideas?

As days rolls, technologies progress, era unfolds, as you and I get updated with terminologies, we get frequented to look for something uncommon and implement them in our daily lives forgetting the basics that is required for a start-up. A start-up solution is always programmed towards gearing up propelling the engines.

For a learner, who should have been educated with a old model Camry, if you show him a Lamborghini and ask him to take a drive, you could possibly lose your car with him as he might crash in this first drive.

Though it can’t be equated with technologies with 100% accuracy.  Its more or less meaningful to deliver the best eCommerce software solutions based on the nature of businesses, the expertise the business owner or the aspiring entrepreneur.


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Best Ecommerce Software To Have Impact In Your Lean Model Ideas

The overall need for a startup and an enterprise will be to sell their products which can be performed with no trouble with both the best eCommerce software, but the processes required to sell determines whether you need an enterprise or a start-up solution.

Lean Start-up:
Lean Impact Your Ideas About The Best Ecommerce SoftwareFutile accidents happen when you over speed or manhandle your vehicle, which means, driving beyond your capacity. Starting a new company or a business doesn’t need a million dollar investment other than eCommerce software to keep it floating.

The ideas that are simple, market-oriented and the solution provided could be implemented in lesser time is the key factor for the success for any start-up. Start-ups have very precious time and resource to implement. They have very less energy and motivation to keep them floating.

Before the energy is spent, or money gets depleted, you solution should be able to reach market, which means, its not about getting cheap, but its more about being less wasteful and still doing things that are deemed to be bigger. Innovative people do always innovate with less resource around them.

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Don’t look for million products With Best Ecommerce platform:

Start small with 10 products on board, start promoting your brand. Make your brand reach exciting. Keep posted with the people about what you could give them and when could you give them.

Keep fulfilling their nerves, keep their energies high. They are your burning oil. Putting on a large volume of product with a start-up and putting on a massive money to make it to go live and energy to get them aligned up will certainly end up futile, if you are a solo-pruner.

A solo-pruner, as in most case a start-up begins, has to be nearly very much lean as possible. Stop wasting out money and save them for the heyday.

There is someone I heard of saying that lean start-up isn’t about creating more successful business, but it’s all about how to improve virtually what we do step by step with minimal resources.

It can be implemented from the greatest of the organizations to the one man show-stopper business, thereby helping you to measure what works for the business and disregard other that doesn’t work.

Lean Start-up Example

Google is one lean start-up company which started its operations around 1995-1996. Today Google is the nerve center of internet and many organizations sustain its revenue out from Google’s engine optimization. It was started with 2 people on board.

History is always worth looking, as the past is the key to the present and it unravels the mysteries to the feature possibilities. Today a website with no design and only four lines( a search box) is ruling the world and is almost the #1 Giant corporation in the world with most ambitious plans.

There are many Lean Start-up Advocates who brandished what it could mean to be having a start-up lean, while staying focused lean. You could read the book by “ Eric Ries – The Start-up Lessons”,  He is a positivist and a man of scientific temperament, where you could gauge the same writing in this book and understand how you can drive your business lean and scientifically.

Keep Solutions Integrated and automated:

While there are 100s of solutions that you can and should do to keep your store running, you should always be focused about the nerve of your business. The pulse and goal is important and making fewer resources that could well contribute towards the betterment of the goal is always the right thing you should seek for.

And when is your store lean, the more leaner, the more easier for a solo-pruner to concentrate upon it.

As well, its not always possible to checkout stuffs manually. It could be always boring and tiresome. Keep most of the routine stuffs automated to end wasting your time on them rather concentrate doing something better and awesome as each days progress.

Examples of Integrated Ecommerce Software Ideas solutions

It includes, Abandoned cart remainders for your ecommerce store, Shipping solutions- where by your shippers are connected to the store directly and they get the information on the order as each time its placed.

The payment solutions – Integrating more than 140+ Payment solutions worldwide, we are one of the largest payment solutions integrator for ecommerce, not missing out any vendor so you can keep yourself connected to your customers.

Automations drive the world. Keep your solutions automated by triggering e-mailers on certain actions fulfilled. Reach customers instant, give them instant solutions that they prefer and keep their problems addressed through your ideas/ knowledge.

These features while can be found in an enterprise level application, it can be integrated once the start-up is on its trajectory of growth. Driving towards automation solutions before you start off is not the solution, if you are in start-up phase.

What doesn’t fit under the Lean Model for ecommerce software?

I once had an experience when I find a man struggling with his system, a newly constructed eCommerce software ideas for his auto-sales business. I was asking him about the problems in his website.

He conveyed me, there are many trivial bugs in the system and they prevented him from going to market. Intrigued by his sadness, I wanted to checkout and help him and help him fragment the whole into parts, in that direction, I asked him to help me find out the website and its bugs.

I was able to figure out and when I found that, they are in the part of customer management, but the catalogue part where he could have started his operations in adding the products has been free of errors.

So that could have started his operations over that while the developer fixes the bugs in the store for him. This is one failure with the operational style, where efficiency is disturbed and where there is no optimal performance by the entrepreneurs.


Case To Consider Before Choosing Best Ecommerce Software For Lean Model

Failure in lean model could cost your business or a million at least; it depends on the time you learn to lean back to understand where you are failing.

Now, with this idea about lean and why start-ups are losing out on efficiency, I would certainly like to point out why ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business fail to understand the complexity in starting bigger in functionalities, designs?

Here to proceed first, lets first see what sets apart an enterprise from small eCommerce business software ideas.

An Enterprise software hosts in about the same count of core features in the store. It will have all the features that we are providing in our features for our uncommon entrepreneurs.

There will not be a core feature which is more than what we provide here, but in enterprises, the core features will be in its enhanced form. For Example, you will have two servers for your business.

One for staging ( pre-production box) and another for production/Live setup. SO there will some contents that would not be required in pre-production and required only on live. So with these Ecommerce applications for enterprise, you can control such operations.

Automations on cart abandoner

Sending out an email after understanding on why potentially the product hasn’t been ordered intelligently is another function the enterprises will function up to, while there are modules for performing this operation which can be integrated later, many could seek this to be present at first well before they get the first order.

I recommend, you should be having an eye on the features list, but if something isn’t performing, and if that is not needed for your start-up stage, keep the developer intimated and you can move ahead for the actions relevant to achieve your business goals.

Customer Segmentation, Targeted Promotions & Merchandising:

Segment your customers to groups and target your marketing activity towards them. Targeted marketing metrics include values like purchasing history, on-site browsing activity etc. Also you can target them based on age sex and other popular metrics.

Dynamic Rule-based product Relations

Dynamically target customers to present up-selling, cross-selling and product specific selections. Rules are administered through conditions, allowing marketers to easily manage specific product suggestions, shopping cart price rules and banners to any customer segment to encourage additional purchases.

Keep your customers interested product in shopping cart, Wishlist, recently viewed items and recently compared items between browsing sessions and from device to device.

Once a customer logs into a site, a long-term cookie is established for that browser/device combination and the customer can now view the contents of their shopping cart in subsequent sessions without logging in again.

Private Sales

Restrict your catalog to specific customers. Create invitations and events for limited time sales to select customers and allow customer-initiated invitations.


Allow customers to purchase physical and virtual gift certificates/cards for your store. Increase the average order value with gift wrapping and gift wrapping options are easily configured by administrators.

Rewards Points

Enables merchants to implement programs that provide incentives to frequent shoppers, increasing customer loyalty. Points can be awarded based on a wide range of transactions and customers.

Redemption rules can be controlled by merchants based on a variety of parameters including balances, expiration, customer history, conversion rate and more.

Store Credits

Store credits can be created and tied to customer accounts. Orders can also be refunded with store credit or virtual gift cards which can be redeemed to make future purchases.

Multiple Wish Lists

Customers can save products to multiple wish lists and copy or move items from list to list. They can make their wish lists public so they’re searchable by anyone. And merchants can review them to learn about their customers’ wants and needs.

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Add to Cart by SKU

Streamline the ordering process, especially for B2B customers, by enabling them to enter a list of SKUs without having to go into product pages. This simplifies large orders, recurring orders and ordering based on one catalogs.

Return Management Authorization (RMA)

Enables of customer and merchant administration of returns with support for partial order and individual item returns, customer notifications, shipping methods and more.

Content Management System

Build complex content pages with eCommerce software, create multiple versions of a page, restrict publishing privileges and create menus. Easily add CMS pages to the navigation menu and create copy or delete different CMS hierarchy trees for each website and store view individually or in mass.

Scheduled Import/Export Functionality

Import and export product catalog data either locally or from remote FTP servers. Merchants can configure for error handling, status reporting and backup.


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