How To Make 20X Revenue From Ecommerce With Few Products?

Want to know how to make revenue from an Ecommerce business with few products in a few months? You’ll get to know once if you go all the way into the blog.

If you are new to Ecommerce business, you will be on a definite note have an urge to become successful within a short span. Making a Million Dollar revenue in less than 12 months is not a big deal with eCommerce business. It all requires only core Marketing Knowledge to achieve your goal.

So, this blog is all about how you can run your Ecommerce business with fewer products and make million-dollar revenue in less than 12 months. Here you are going to see some of the essential things about Marketing, the Right ways to market, things that you need to follow while you Design an Ecommerce Website, and many more.

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How To Make Revenue Online From Ecommerce Business?

These are some of the Ecommerce techniques that are used by Top Ecommerce Companies.

Describe your product. Why describing your product is important in an Ecommerce business?

How Can I Make Money From Ecommerce Business With Few Products?

One blunder made by Ecommerce entrepreneurs while starting their online business is neglecting the product description and a High-Resolution product image. Most entrepreneurs while starting their business usually underestimate the importance of product description.

Providing good and quality content on the technical aspect of your products and adding some quality images will boost your sales. Users are always on the lookout to get educated about the product specifications before they embark on their journey to sale. The full-dimensional specification will land your business to success.

Most entrepreneurs who don’t understand the importance of good product descriptions lose their customers no matter how much investment they make in advertising.

It is your product and it’s obvious that you need to take steps to talk about the product. Only if you talk about the product, the customer will know in deeper about the product specifications.

Letting people know about your product is the primary tool for closing sales. This helps the customers to build faith by educating themselves on the features they would require and check if the same is present in the product and generate a feeling of loyalty among the customer towards your brand.

As a result, it will automatically create a positive customer experience.

The purpose of a Product should be only one thing, to make a Sale.  Here are some of these things that a quality Product Description should contain:


Attract the customers: The Product Description gives the details & benefits of the products and lets the customers understand in what way the product can fulfill the requirements. It grabs the attention of the customers by answering their queries.

Helps in Search Engine Optimization: A unique product description can help to improve the Search Engine Ranking, which results in getting more people to find your products and order them easily. At the same time, do not copy the description from the official site.

With advancements in Search Engines, the bots can easily identify whether the contents are copied. If the contents are copied, it will affect your brand’s SEO ranking.  But, there could be a scenario, there couldn’t be an alternative name kept for the product or its attributes can’t be varied.

In that case, you can go proceed to copy the same. But to keep yourself distinguished from the other pages, facilitate customer engagement towards that page by providing a section for discussion about the product, an FAQ section, and a section where they could upload the product images post-sales finally the reviews. This will always keep the page active and Google loves active pages.

Professional Description: Content attracts consumer mind and increases their knowledge. A professional website interface indicates the seriousness of the business and helps gain more trust and loyalty for customers.

Enrich the knowledge: Catalog can attract lots of viewers and potential buyers. A clearly visible product with an attractive presentation will definitely bring more customers to your website. A unique product description along with easy to use interface can work together in driving more online sales.

Keep it crisp and effective: While writing product descriptions just keep one thing in your mind “Less is enough”. A customer will feel bored to read a long paragraph about the product, so try to explain your product description in bullets instead of writing long paragraphs.

Note: The skill of writing is not a simple thing and everybody doesn’t have this quality. That’s why an organization has content writers with a separate job description.

Figure out the right growing Online market

How Can I Make Money From Ecommerce Business With Few Products?

One of the best and simplest ways to build a million-dollar revenue-generating eCommerce company is to find the growing trend in the present situation. Figuring out the growing market of your own can help to move to the right track to get massive revenue growth.

I have discussed this in my previous email on the niches where you can start your Ecommerce business. Please read it here

Here is a real-life example: – Started selling with 1 product and today has 8 products after 4 years of their business operations. This startup has also opened 4 offline stores in the areas around Chennai, India with sales anywhere around 2500 Kilograms a day with all 5 stores (one online and 4 offline stores).

They tried to focus on giving the best quality with certainly the right tips so users can get the product in its best form. And worked on shipping so it’s easier for users to receive them with no delay that can happen through manual interventions.

They focused on these aspects only after they started selling 75 kilos of Halwas online per day. The technology was the major driver to their success, but with the focus to reach more people through a simple and basic ecommerce website, they focused on their non-perennial resources to hit the bull eye – The customers.

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Think Monetization From The Start


It might be a surprise to you, but some startups start to do their work even without establishing the legal tenders of a country. Setting up a business should always be legal. One of the best real-life examples is Twitter. There is a number of other companies, which build up their free user bases too.

If you would like to build a million-dollar money-generating eCommerce company in your very first year, to be frank, you can’t afford to think that way.

A study says that most of the profitable companies work on the basis of any of these two methods:

Either they sell lots of affordable products to more number of people or they just sell a few costly products to several limited buyers. And to your surprise, neither of these methods is easier or better than the other one. So, it is important to know how you can milk money from the beginning and prevent the wasted time spent hoping that some profitable revenue will come together for you.

Stand out of the queue

How Can I Make Money From Ecommerce Business With Few Products?

There are varieties of products available in the online store, but the odd ones are good since these companies are making millions of dollars or more than that even in their first years.  So, in order to meet these huge potential profits, you need to bring something to the table that amuses the customer and creates attention within your marketplace.

Try to answer this question: How can you tell that if you have got the “best product” in the market? To figure out the answer just look at your current customer review. If you are not getting any positive comments or reviews in your inbox, then it means that your customers are not satisfied with your products which you need to concentrate on to hit your target sales.

You can ask your existing customers about what are the essential t changes that you need to do in order to make your product best and then put their recommendations into place.  They’ll appreciate your efforts and will go on to refer further sales to you in the future.

Enroll the best performers To Make revenue With Ecommerce Website


Making a million-dollar revenue in your very first year is not that easy as you think. You need to put lots of effort. Moreover, you cannot achieve this goal with a team of underperformers. So, makes sure that your team is performing well. It is simple to hire resources as well as it is cheap and easier. But you need to pay for this convenience even when your end of the year sales number comes up short.

Else, simply hire an outstanding performer. And one of the fastest ways to hire is to ask for referrals from your existing resource pools. You need to pay particular attention to these employees you hire in order to make sure that the key employees stand to make the biggest difference in your business’s bottom line. Get them into your business and make use of them to do whatever it takes to close deals.

Tip: A Good series of incentives won’t hurt!

Use valuable data To Make Money

How Can I Make Money From Ecommerce Business With Few Products?

And finally, if you need to get massive revenue as a profit, you need to be absolutely militant about gathering data and acting on it. Whenever you approach a new marketing product, you need to work in short for a few weeks to check the statics to see how the changes impacted revenue and then commit the changes or perform a new test.

Doing this in a startup will help you to gain more information about the business. You can gain tonnes of potential information from your Google Analytics account. Use this valuable resource to identify your company’s performance.

At the same time performing a run, the test helps to understand the metrics even better. If you cannot run these tests by yourself, you should hire an analyst who can help you to make sense of your numbers. When every penny counts towards reaching your $1-million-a-year goal, you’ll find these employees to be worth their weight in gold.

Growing a company to $1 million in revenue in your first year isn’t easy, but it is possible. Stick to the tips above and be ruthless about profitability — even if you don’t hit this particular goal, you’ll earn the strongest sales results possible for your unique company.

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Things to foucs on your Ecommerce business To Make revenue Online:

Coffee cup and notebook with to do list on blue rustic desk from above, planning and design concept

Authenticity: Customer testimonials influence people to buy in a pretty powerful way. So we reached out to customers and begged them to record a testimonial. I called in favors from broadcast personalities with big podcast audiences. I was interviewed on shows like Bulletproof Radio about the dangers of blue light. We saw a direct correlation between podcast interviews and sales spikes ~ as told by Robert of Notinuse.

Upsells: We didn’t offer any upsells until late 2016. If someone wanted to buy one pair of glasses, maybe they’d want another pair at a discount. Or maybe they would want a sleeping mask. The moment we offered an upsell, we made more sales and more revenue. Not offering an upsell quickly enough cost us at least $100,000 in lost revenue during 2016  – A business Testimonial about a startup.

Bucket or A/B Testing: We didn’t test the price, headlines, or images. We didn’t test much at all. We’ve done very well but would have doubled our revenue had we tested these elements earlier in the process ~ as said by Lemmar, CMO of Sendmygifts

Leveraging expertise: We’ve partnered with my first online business mentor, Tai Lopez. We had a great relationship because I was Tai’s top sales guy back in 2015, so when he saw what we were doing, he suggested coming on board as a partner. Tai is one of the biggest social media influencers out there and has taught me much of what I know about online marketing.

Designing Out a Niche in a Crowded Ecommerce Marketplace

How Can I Make Money From Ecommerce Business With Few Products?

As technology evolves, there’s no shortage of social media tools. There are many Social Medias available which can be used as a marketing platform to promote your products. Making use of these Social Media will definitely boost the sale from your online store. Here are some of the powerful Social media that you can use to market your products.

  • Facebook: Facebook is one of the powerful social media in the current situation. You can make use of Facebook to market your products since it has a large user base. Ignoring Facebook is really not a good option for most marketers. You can bet your ideal market is using Facebook nearly every day.
  • Instagram: By incorporating influencers and contests into your Instagram marketing strategy, you are tapping into two of the most powerful ways to find new users and convert them into customers.
  • Snapchat: There are so many social Medias available in the current trend which can also be used as a marketing platform. One of those platforms is Snapchat. Snapchat is not only social media to connect with people, but also it is a place where you can show cast your product to online users. A study says that business which is using Snapchat to market their products having great results coming from their campaigns.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest users are not just looking for creative inspiration on the network. They’re also ready to buy. While marketing your products in Pinterest, you can Include Price Tag, Use Pin it for later links, show Pins to Newsletter Readers, Drive traffic with blog boards, and track Pins from Competitors Domains.

So, these are some e of the simple yet essential things that you need to concentrate on to run your Ecommerce business with fewer products and make million-dollar money in less than 12 months.

Concentrating on these terms and working on these aspects will definitely turn your Ecommerce business into a successful money-making one. Following these strategies will not only bring revenue but it will make your Ecommerce website into the best ecommerce website in the world.


The Key Take away is – Speak, Engage, Communicate through the web, wherever you can do them.

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